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Sheikhi Mahnaz - - 2012
One of the normal interesting variations that we may encounter in the mandible is bifid mandibular canal. This condition can lead to difficulties when performing mandibular anesthesia or during extraction of lower third molar, placement of implants, and surgery in the mandible. Therefore diagnosis of this variation is sometimes very ...
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Sheridan S M - - 1984
A rectractor which is useful in the Vertical Subsigmoid Mandibular Osteotomy operation for correction of mandibular prognathism is described.
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Li K K - - 1996
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the use of fixed mandibular implants to retain dental prostheses after microvascular mandibular reconstruction. DESIGN: Case series. SETTING: Tertiary referral center. PATIENTS: Eight patients with microvascular mandibular reconstruction after mandibular resection. OUTCOME MEASURES: Clinically noted functional results, serial radiographic evidence of fixed mandibular implant and mandibular integrity, ...
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Park Su-Seong - - 2012
The mandibular condyle is a region that plays a key role in the opening and closing of the mouth, and because fracture causes functional and aesthetic problems such as facial asymmetry, it is very important to perform accurate reduction. Traditionally, there has been disagreement on how to manage fracture of ...
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Metin Murat - - 2007
In this retrospective study, we measured the relationship between the presences of impacted or unerupted teeth in the mandible and mandibular fractures. The records and radiographs of 41 patients with mandibular fracture associated with impacted or unerupted teeth were examined. The presence of impacted or unerupted teeth were assessed for ...
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Mangla Neha N Postgraduate Student, Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry Genesis Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Ferozepur Punjab, - - 2014
Macrodontia (megadontia, megalodontia, mac rodontism) is a rare shape anomaly that has been used to describe dental gigantism. Mandibular second premolars show an elevated variability of crown morphology, as are its eruptive potential and final position in the dental arch. To date, only eight cases of isolated macrodontia of second ...
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Wächter R - - 1998
Several complications following a mandibular nerve block were reported in the literature. In some cases pterygomandibular abscess formation may be caused by mandibular needle injections. There is no report of odontogenic osteomyelitis of the ascending mandibular ramus in the literature. Here two patients with osteomyelitis of the ascending ramus following ...
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Hastar Esin - - 2011
The aims of this study were to evaluate the influence of gender and dental status on the mental index, mandibular cortical index and panoramic mandibular index from dental panoramic radiographs in elderly who had osteoporosis or did not have osteoporosis. Panoramic radiographs of 487 elderly dental patients (age range 60-88 ...
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Erle A - - 1979
The portion of individuals with mandibular refractures in traumatized patients is but small. During a period of more than 10 years, 16 male patients presented once more with a mandibular fracture. In five of these patients, the mandibular fracture was a true refracture. Apart from problems by which experts are ...
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Gupta Shilpi - - 2012
Accessory root formation in primary teeth is an uncommon finding. An awareness and understanding of the presence of additional roots and unusual root canal morphology is essential as it determines the successful outcome of the endodontic treatment.This paper presents three case reports on the presence of three-rooted mandibular first primary ...
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Rashsuren Oyuntugs O Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, School of Dentistry, Mongolian National University Medical Science, Ulaanbaatar, - - 2014
To investigate the prevalence of bifid and trifid mandibular canals using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) images, and to measure their length, diameter, and angle. CBCT images of 500 patients, involving 755 hemi-mandibles, were used for this study. The presence and type of bifid mandibular canal was evaluated according to a ...
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Bayram Mehmet - - 2007
MANY APPROACHES FOR CROWDED MANDIBULAR ANTERIOR TEETH ARE CURRENTLY EMPLOYED: distal movement of posterior teeth, lateral movement of canines, labial movement of incisors, interproximal enamel reduction, removal of premolars, removal of one or two incisors, and various combinations of the above. Selecting the best treatment is often difficult, and all ...
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Abbasi Masroor Manshad - - 2012
Fractures of the mandibular angle are common and comprise 31% of all mandibular fractures. Multiple recent studies report a 2-3 fold increased risk for mandibular angle fractures when un-erupted mandibular third molars are present. The objective of this study was to assess the frequency of un-erupted mandibular third molar in ...
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Guttikonda Leela Krishna LK Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Drs. S&NR SIDS, Chinaoutpalli, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, Gannavaram 521286, - - 2014
Median cleft of lower lip and mandible is a rare congenital anomaly described as cleft number 30 of Tessier's classification. In minor forms only lower lip cleft is seen. We report the case of a patient with median cleft of lower lip, severe ankyloglossia, cleft of mandibular symphysis, and residual ...
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Mizbah K - - 2012
Bifid mandibular canals (BMC) and trifid mandibular canals (TMC) are variations on the normal anatomy with incidences ranging from 0.08% to 65.0%. Such aberrations have an important clinical impact. For example, an extra mandibular canal may explain inadequate anesthesia, especially when two mandibular foramina are involved. Furthermore, during mandibular surgery, ...
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Pandey Manoj - - 2007
Mandibular resections are routinely carried out for achieving a R0 resection for oral cancers. However, the need of mandibular resection to achieve this has always been questioned. The present study was carried out to define the pattern of mandibular involvement in carcinoma of the mandibular region. A total of 25 ...
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Grossman Marguerite - - 2008
Distraction osteogenesis is an alternative treatment method for correction of mandibular hypoplasia. This paper outlines the use of mandibular distraction in a patient with mandibular hypoplasia and a history of a mandibular cleft.
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Kim Jin-Soo - - 2011
Impaction of third molar is a common developmental abnormality. However, ectopic impaction of the mandibular third molar in condylar region is an extremely rare condition. This report describes a case of impacted tooth in the mandibular condyle without any associated pathologic condition. Also, this report presents the spatial relationship of ...
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El-Bialy Tarek - - 2013
Children with mandibular growth deficiency may develop airway obstruction. The standard treatment of severe airway obstruction involves invasive procedures such as tracheostomy. Mandibular distraction osteogenesis has been proposed in neonates with mandibular deficiency as a treatment option to avoid tracheostomy procedure later in life. Both tracheostomy and distraction osteogenesis procedures ...
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Satoh Kaneshige - - 2002
Kölle's mandibular segmental osteotomy, with extraction of the bilateral first bicuspids, is often used in cases of mild mandibular prognathism. While mandibular prognathism is usually corrected by mandibular ramus osteotomy and the mandible is set back en bloc, the premolar region alone is set back by segmental osteotomy, retaining the ...
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Neelakandan R S RS Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Meenakshi Ammal Dental College and Hospital, Alapakkam Main Road, Maduravoyal, Chennai, 600095 - - 2013
Condylar hyperplasia is a rare non-neoplastic pathology associated with overgrowth of the mandibular condyle. Presentation of condylar hyperplasia with bifid mandibular condyle has never been reported in literature. Early management of the hyperplastic disorders of the mandibular condyle can prevent occlusal canting and developing asymmetric deformities. We report a case ...
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Zhang Gui-Mei - - 2012
To study morphology feature of mandibular anatomical characteristics and mandibular nerve canal of hemimandibular elongation (HE) using CT, and provide reference for the clinical treatment. 19 patients with HE were scanned using multidetector CT. Mimics 10.0 software was used for three-dimensional reconstruction, and CT images were reconstructed on different sections. ...
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Yaremchuk M J MJ Division of Plastic Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston 02114, USA. - - 2000
Porous polyethylene implants are available that are designed to augment the mandibular ramus and body. They can be used to increase the bigonial distance in patients with normal mandibular anatomy who desire an increase in lower facial width. When used in combination with extended chin implants, they can camouflage the ...
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Kim H C - - 1992
Bulging of the mandibular angle is considered to be unattractive in the Orient since it gives the face a quadrangular and muscular appearance. In spite of its muscular origin, surgery should be aimed toward bony reduction or osteoplasty and supplemental myotomy. An intraoral approach was utilized with an oscillating saw ...
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Zhou Shuncheng - - 2013
Previous studies have confirmed that patients with mandibular deviation often have abnormal morphology of their cervical vertebrae. However, the relationship between mandibular deviation, scoliosis, and trunk balance has not been studied. Currently, mandibular deviation is usually treated as a single pathology, which leads to poor clinical efficiency. We investigated the ...
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John Baby - - 2010
Mandibular fractures are relatively less frequent in children when compared to adults, which may be due to the child's protected anatomic features and infrequent exposure of children to alcohol related traffic accidents. Treatment principles of mandibular fractures differ from that of adults due to concerns regarding mandibular growth and development ...
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Nanavati S D - - 1979
A case of median mandibular cyst in a 22-year-old man is presented and various aspects of its pathogenesis are discussed. Five points which should be taken into account when a lesion is diagnosed as median mandibular cyst are suggested.
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Parker M G - - 1989
The use of the vertical subcondylar osteotomy for correction of uncomplicated mandibular prognathism is reviewed. Techniques for use in more complicated cases such as when a set back of greater than 10 mm is required are also described.
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Mittal Sunandan S Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Dasmesh Institute of Research and Dental Sciences, Faridkot, Punjab, - - 2014
Complete cleaning and shaping is the key to successful endodontic treatment. A thorough understanding of the internal anatomy and morphology of the root canal system is an important consideration when performing cleaning and shaping procedures. Mandibular premolars are one of the most difficult teeth to treat endodontically because of aberrant ...
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Cannon C R - - 1986
Ameloblastoma is an uncommon invasive mandibular tumor usually occurring as a painless enlargement of the jaw. Radiologic evidence of a multilocular lesion requires biopsy for histopathologic distinction. With its propensity for recurrence, en bloc resection of the tumor is recommended. Careful and meticulous follow-up for an extended period is necessary.
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Poorni S - - 2009
The endodontic treatment of a mandibular molar with aberrant canal configuration can be diagnostically and technically challenging. This case report presents the treatment of a mandibular first molar with five root canals, of which three were located in the mesial root. A third canal was found between the mesiobuccal and ...
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Sooriaprakas Chandrasekaran C Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Meenakshi Ammal Dental College and Hospital, Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research (MAHER), Alapakkam Main Road, Maduravoyal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 095, - - 2014
Successful endodontic management of mandibular first molar with a single root and single canal is diagnosed with the aid of dental operating microscope and multiple angled radiographs. In addition all the mandibular molars and premolars were single rooted on either side.
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Iwai Toshinori - - 2013
Osteoma is a benign, slow-growing osteogenic tumor that sometimes arises from the craniomaxillofacial region, such as the sinus, temporal or jaw bones. Osteoma consists of compact or cancellous bone that may be peripheral, central or extraskeletal type. Peripheral osteoma arises from the periosteum and is commonly a unilateral, pedunculated mushroom-like ...
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Sachdeva Shivani - - 2012
A deep understanding of the relationship between root morphology and periodontal destruction is crucial to successful periodontal care. Most mandibular molars have two roots (one mesial and the other distal) and three canals. The major variant of this tooth type is the presence of an additional third root distally or ...
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Mandry Pagán R - - 2000
Melasma is an acquired symmetrical brown hypermelanosis of the face. Three clinical patterns are recognized, namely centrofacial, malar and mandibular. This study addresses the clinical and histopathological features of ten women with mandibular melasma to determine its relation to other types of melasma. The mean age of the patients was ...
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Vaghela Dakshita Joy - - 2013
Mandibular premolars have earned the reputation for having aberrant anatomy. The literature is replete with reports of extra canals in mandibular first premolars, but reports about the incidence of extra roots in these teeth are quite rare. This paper attempts at explaining a rare case of successful endodontic management of ...
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Kang Ju-Han JH Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, School of Dentistry, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, - - 2014
This study was performed to investigate the incidence and configuration of the bifid mandibular canal in a Korean population by using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging. CBCT images of 1933 patients (884 male and 1049 female) were evaluated using PSR-9000N and Alphard-Vega 3030 Dental CT units (Asahi Roentgen Ind. Co., ...
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Sawhney Chhavi - - 2011
Mandibular nerve block is often performed for diagnostic, therapeutic and anesthetic purposes for surgery involving mandibular region. Advantages of a nerve block include excellent pain relief and avoidance of the side effects associated with the use of opiods or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs). A patient with maxillo facial trauma was ...
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Salyer K E - - 1977
The stainless steel 316 mesh tray with cancellous bone offers a method of mandibular reconstruction which theoretically is appealing from the viewpoint of basic osseous healing. The results in fity-two patients at twenty different institutions indicates encouraging results. Further evaluation of this method is recommended.
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Erdozáin I - - 1997
We report a case of mandibular actinomycosis secondary to dental surgery in a 19-year-old male. The major features of this clinical entity are described. Loss of the integrity of the oral mucosa was the determinant factor in our case. Systematic realization of panoramic radiographs of the jaw is proposed as ...
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Rysanek B - - 2007
A 23 year-old girl was admitted for a facial tumefaction, fixed to the mandible. The X-rays showed a fuzzy osteolytic lesion of the mandibular angle. The CT-scan confirmed the rupture of the cortical bone and the extension to the soft tissue. Biopsy provided the diagnosis of granulocytic monoblastic sarcoma (chloroma). ...
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Soskolne W A - - 1977
Since the median mandibular cyst is an extremely rare lesion, there is difficulty in determining the nature and origin of this entity. An additional case of a median mandibular cyst is described and an attempt is made to clarify the confusion associated with the diagnosis of this lesion. After a ...
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Yasar Fusun - - 2008
The aim was to assess whether Fractal Dimension and Lacunarity analysis can discriminate patients having different mandibular cortical shape. Panoramic radiographs of 52 patients were evaluated for mandibular cortical index. Weighted Kappa between the observations were varying between 0.718-0.805. These radiographs were scanned and converted to binary images. Fractal Dimension ...
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Hurtado A J - - 1988
This procedure permits acrylic resin to almost completely surround the metal that may be used to add weight to a mandibular denture.
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Irvine G H - - 1985
A series of 15 mandibular keratocysts is presented. Criteria and methods of treatment are outlined, in particular radical enucleation and bone packing.
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Abir B - - 2013
Actinomycosis is a rare disease. The cervicofacial region is the most frequent localization. A chronic pus discharge, sometimes tumor-like, suggests the diagnosis, which is often confirmed by anatomopathology. The treatment is surgical debridement and antibiotic therapy, frequently long-term. We report three cases of mandibular actinomycosis. A 21-year-old male patient presented ...
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Dhull Kanika Singh KS Reader, Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar Odisha, - - 2014
Supernumerary tooth is a developmental anomaly and has been argued to arise from multiple etiologies. These teeth may remain embedded in the alveolar bone or can erupt into the oral cavity. They can cause a variety of complications in the develo-ping dentition. Supernumerary teeth can present in various forms and ...
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Saberi Eshagh Ali EA Department of Endodontics, Dental School, Zahedan University of Medical Science, Zahedan, - - 2014
Mandibular premolars have earned a reputation for having aberrant anatomy. The occurrence of three canals with three separate foramina in mandibular premolars is very rare. If predictable treatment of a three rooted mandibular premolar is planned, precise knowledge of clinical and radiographic anatomy is absolutely necessary. These teeth may also ...
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Yavuz Muhammet Selim - - 2007
AIMS: The aim of the present study was to investigate the incidence of impacted mandibular canines, the associated pathology of these teeth, and to classify them. METHODS AND MATERIALS: This is a retrospective cohort study of 5022 panoramic radiographs taken of patients who presented to the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ...
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Karale Rupali - - 2013
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the prevalence of bilateral three-rooted mandibular first and second molars in Indian population. A total of 215 patients were screened bilaterally for mandibular first and second molar and 430 samples of periapical radiographs were obtained. The gender, symmetry, and prevalence of ...
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