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Hastings T W - - 1914
1. Streptococcus viridans is of extremely low virulence for white mice and rabbits. 2. The serum of rabbits, after a series of intravenous injections of dead or living Streptococcus viridans, is poor in complement fixative substance (fixateur of Besredka) for Streptococcus viridans. 3. Antigens prepared from several strains of Streptococcus ...
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Detweiler H K - - 1918
The results of our experiments do not substantiate in full the theory of the power of selective action of Streptococcus viridans. A few strains showed a remarkable constancy in location and type of lesion, but these strains were greatly in the minority. The location of the lesions in animals seemed ...
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Choudhury Maitrayee - - 2009
Vertebral osteomyelitis is an uncommon complication of infective endocarditis with the organism Streptococcus viridans being a rare cause of the condition. This case highlights an unusual presentation of Streptococcus viridans associated with infective endocarditis and pyogenic osteomyelitis in a patient following a dental procedure.
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Hosea S W - - 1981
A particularly virulent form of bacterial endocarditis due to Streptococcus viridans is described in selected patients. The diagnosis of purulent pericarditis and myocardial abscess is delineated. In addition, emphasis is placed on early surgical intervention in the appropriate management of these potentially lethal complications.
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Lancefield R C - - 1925
1. Agglutination and precipitation by the specific substance of Streptococcus viridans are parallel phenomena. Separate specific substances have been extracted from strains which are distinct by ordinary serological tests. Preliminary chemical examination indicates that the specific substances may be complex carbohydrates. 2. A close relationship between nucleoproteins from different strains ...
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Liaw Fang-Yih - - 2012
Streptococcus viridans is usually considered to be nonpathogenic in healthy patients. Some strains become penicillin-resistant and cause life-threatening infections in immuno-compromised patients. We report an immunocompetent boy who had community-acquired S. viridans pneumonia that was resistant to penicillin. Clinicians should note local patterns of virulence and antibiotic resistance in S. ...
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Sarkar T K - - 1989
We describe three cases of acute uncomplicated bacterial pneumonia due to viridans streptococci in previously healthy adults, which were indistinguishable from those caused by other well-known respiratory pathogens. On arrival, all of these patients were treated with IV aqueous penicillin based on Gram stain of sputum which showed predominant Gram-positive ...
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López Javier - - 2005
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: Published case series on Streptococcus viridans endocarditis are scarce and outdated. The aims of our study were multiple: to analyze the profile of the Streptococcus viridans endocarditis, to compare it with other types of left-sided endocarditis and with cases caused by Staphylococcus aureus, and to determine predictors ...
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Blake F G - - 1916
Cultures of Streptococcus viridans when brought into contact with red blood corpuscles have the power of transforming oxyhemoglobin into methemoglobin. The reaction occurs only in the presence of living streptococci when they are able to carry on their metabolic activities. The intensity of the reaction runs roughly parallel with the ...
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Chou Yen-Shou - - 2010
PURPOSE: To report a case with reactive arthritis (ReA) following Streptococcus viridans genitourinary infection. METHODS: Case report. DESIGN: Clinical findings and treatment are presented. The 28-year-old man visited the authors' hospital due to ciliary injection and hypopyon over left eye. On examination, Behcet-mimicking symptoms were observed, such as genital and ...
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RUFANOVA T I - - 1945
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Ariel I - - 1991
During a 14-year period Streptococcus viridans was isolated at autopsy from 18 neonates or stillborn fetuses delivered in midgestation (18-28 weeks) at Women & Infants' Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. Evidence of swallowed and/or aspirated, infected amniotic fluid by the fetus was found in 16 of 18 cases along with ...
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Arán X - - 1983
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Dawson J R - - 1988
A case is described of Streptococcus viridans endocarditis involving a left atrial myxoma. The diagnosis was made by echocardiography and the infected tumour was successfully treated by surgical removal. A review of the published literature about left atrial myxomas underlines the importance of performing echocardiography in all patients with suspected ...
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McCarthy V P - - 1979
Bacterial endocarditis remains a formidable diagnostic and therapeutic problem for clinicians. Streptococcus viridans still accounts for 45 to 50 per cent of all cases and between 5 to 10 per cent of all clinical isolates of Streptococcus viridans from patients with bacterial endocarditis may be relatively resistant to penicillin. The ...
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Güell J - - 1984
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Luz André - - 2004
The authors report a case of a 78-year-old male, admitted to the Hospital with fever, lumbar pain and a systolic murmur. Viridans streptococcus endocarditis associated with spondylodiscitis was diagnosed. Images and results of the exams are presented. This case is compared with similar studies in the literature.
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Dybedal I - - 1990
Through the last 18 months, five of our patients with acute leukaemia have developed septicaemia caused by Streptococcus viridans, followed by acute respiratory failure. Two patients had to be placed in a respirator. In patients with acute leukaemia treated with cytostatic drugs, close clinical observation, including repeated blood gas analysis, ...
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Schmidt M A - - 2001
A 76-year-old man was admitted for ethanol detoxification. He was found to be in atrial fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response that was refractory to electrical and chemical cardioversion attempts. The patient subsequently developed respiratory distress. A transesophageal echocardiogram revealed a vegetation attached to the eustachian valve and blood cultures ...
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Ríos-Blanco Juan J - - 2006
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Detweiler, H. K.
The results of our experiments do not substantiate in full the theory of the power of selective action of Streptococcus viridans. A few strains showed a remarkable constancy in location and type of lesion, but these strains were greatly in the minority. The location of the lesions in animals seemed ...
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Berntsen C A - - 1979
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Shulman S T - - 1993
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Feder H M HM - - 1980
Two cases of bacterial endocarditis in children, caused by viridans group Streptococcus which requires vitamin B6 or thiol compounds for growth are reported. It is important to recognize these organisms as a possible cause of endocarditis because supplemented media are needed for their isolation and sensitivity testing. These organisms may ...
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Fisher J - - 1975
A 24-year-old woman with Marfan's syndrome and mitral regurgitation had clinical features suggestive of infective endocarditis. The causative organism was Streptococcus viridans. Initial therapy with penicillin G, in a dose that should have been bactericidal and hence curative according to the results of the initial quantitative antimicrobial studies, became inadequate. ...
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Whiley R A - - 1990
Molecular taxonomic studies were performed on ten strains of an unusual 'viridans streptococcus' that were originally isolated from human throats, blood and urine. On the basis of DNA-DNA hybridization studies the strains formed a single homology group distinct from all recognized species of oral and viridans streptococci. 16S ribosomal RNA ...
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Goolam Mahomed A A Department of Medicine, Hillbrow Hospital, - - 1992
In 4 adult black patients admitted to an urban general hospital with community-acquired pneumonia, Streptococcus viridans alone was isolated from blood culture (first subculture), in the absence of any other positive microbiological finding. Sputum examination by Gram staining and culture in 3 cases was reported as negative. Echocardiography was performed ...
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López Javier J Servicio de Cardiología, Instituto de Ciencias del Corazón (ICICOR), Hospital Clínico Universitario, Valladolid, - - 2005
Published case series on Streptococcus viridans endocarditis are scarce and outdated. The aims of our study were multiple: to analyze the profile of the Streptococcus viridans endocarditis, to compare it with other types of left-sided endocarditis and with cases caused by Staphylococcus aureus, and to determine predictors of poor outcome ...
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Groothuis D G - - 1981
A case of clinical bovine mastitis caused by infection with Streptococcus viridans, biotype IV was reported. Of a dairy herd of twenty-three cows, three animals were severely affected with clinical mastitis of at least two quarters in each cow. Streptococcus viridans, biotype IV, in pure culture was subsequently isolated on ...
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Swiston J - - 2001
The present report describes a case of native tricuspid valve endocarditis caused by viridans group streptococcus in a 43-year-old man who had recently undergone dental extraction. The patient had no history of intravenous drug use, heart disease or right heart catheterization. Although there have been scattered reports of unusual organisms, ...
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Taylor P W - - 1985
A 20-year-old woman was found to have septic arthritis of the hip due to Aerococcus viridans. This organism closely resembles Streptococcus viridans, but forms gram positive tetrads rather than chains in broth media. The organism has been reported rarely to cause endocarditis and one case of osteomyelitis has been observed. ...
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Gherman R B - - 1999
Introduction of bacteria into the amniotic cavity has been associated with oral sex through an ascending infectious route. Previous reports have implicated both Capnocytophaga and Fusobacterium nucleatum via this process. We report a case of Streptococcus viridans intra-amniotic infection occurring at 25 weeks' gestation. Patient questioning revealed a close temporal ...
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Alba D - - 1995
Viridans Streptococci (VS) may cause meningitis although, in most cases, they are isolated as contaminants in CSF. However VS should not be systematically underestimated as contaminants in CSF without a suitable clinical and analytical evaluation. Meningitis as a result of VS is being diagnosed with increasing frequency, especially in new ...
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Zubaidah N H - - 2012
The incidence of infection following TEVAR is low. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case report of post thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) with Streptococcus viridans graft infection. A 54-year-old male underwent TEVAR for dissecting thoracic aneurysm with spinal ischaemia. He had an eventful recovery with ...
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Adeotoye O - - 1999
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KYSER F A - - 1947
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Machuca Eduardo - - 2005
Transient bacteremia during and after endoscopic procedures is a well-documented phenomenon. Streptococcus viridans peritonitis is frequently associated with peritoneal dialysis, and the infection is probably attributable to hematogenous spread, dental procedures, or transluminal contamination with oral flora. To our knowledge, no reports exist of peritonitis occurring after gastroscopy in peritoneal ...
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Gutiérrez Cebollada J - - 1987
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Facklam R R - - 1980
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Naqvi Naseem - - 2008
Pubic osteomyelitis should be suspected in athletic individuals with sudden groin pain, painful restriction of hip movements and fever. It is an infrequent and confusing disorder, which is often heralded by atypical gait disturbance and diffuse pain in the pelvic girdle. The most common pathogen is Staphylococcus aureus but, on ...
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Bilgrami S - - 1998
A retrospective evaluation of 200 consecutive recipients of autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation was conducted to ascertain the incidence and outcome of Streptococcus viridans bacteremia as well as to determine the role of prophylactic ampicillin therapy in the peri-transplant setting. Viridans streptococci were isolated from the blood of 35 ...
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Rodríguez Esteban M - - 2005
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VALERIU A - - 1961
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Juel-Jensen B E - - 1971
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Sands M - - 1982
A simple scheme for the speciation of clinical isolates of "viridans" streptococci based on nine physiological characteristics is presented. Use of this scheme will enable successful speciation of most "viridans" strep isolates in any laboratory and allow for the accumulation of data necessary for the definition of clinical syndromes or ...
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Szymborski J - - 1990
The clinical analysis has been performed in 53 cases of sepsis induced by Streptococcus viridans. Among children with diagnosis of sepsis majority of cases in group of older infant and children up to 2 year age was due to above infection. The S. viridans strain isolated form the blood were ...
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Baer J C - - 1989
Our experience with three cases of Streptococcus viridans endophthalmitis, following penetrating keratoplasty, prompted us to investigate the ability of gentamicin-supplemented McCarey-Kaufman (M-K) medium to kill S. viridans contaminants. After inoculation of 20 cc of gentamicin-supplemented M-K with S. viridans, the M-K was exposed to temperature conditions similar to those that ...
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Roncoroni A J - - 1987
In a 4 year prospective study of "viridans" or non-groupable streptococci 100 clinically significant strains were isolated. Strains were defined as significant when found in two or more samples of blood cultures, or when seen on Gram staining together with inflammatory reaction. Fifty-two strains were speciated by 10 physiological characteristics. ...
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YOUNG R C - - 1957
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Rimpel N R - - 1999
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