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Smith R A - - 1976
Basophilic stippling of the circulating erythrocytes is characteristic of the Mongolian gerbil. Its enzymatic digestion along with the concomitant removal of diffuse erythrocytic polychromasia by the action of ribonuclease demonstrates that it represents microscopically visible aggregates of cytoplasmic ribonucleoprotein, presumably of ribosomal origin. Up to 40% of the total circulating ...
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- - 1966
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George J W - - 1981
The effect of sample preparation on the amount of basophilic stippling of erythrocytes (BSE) was studied using blood from a calf with chronic experimental lead poisoning. The combination of EDTA anticoagulation and rapid drying of the blood smear resulted in the most BSE. Alcohol prefixation reduced BSE. Wright-Leishman stain was ...
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OTTO W - - 1960
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DISCOMBE G - - 1954
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WILDFUHR G - - 1951
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Munoz Javier J Henry Ford - - 2011
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Cheson B D - - 1984
Basophilic stippling of red blood cells (BSC) has been noted in lead intoxication since 1899 and has been considered a classic laboratory sign of lead poisoning since that time. BSC are inclusions of aggregated ribosomes found only in the red blood cells and may be confused with siderotic (iron) granules. ...
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Kasili E G - - 1977
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Vander Meeren Sam S Department of Laboratory Hematology, Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium, - - 2014
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Valentine W N - - 1976
Lead intoxication is accompanied by an acquired deficiency of erythrocyte pryimidine-specific, 5'-nucleotidase. Genetically determined deficiency of this enzyme is associated with chronic hemolysis, marked basophilic stippling of erythrocytes on stained blood films, and unique intraerythrocytic accumulations of pyrimidine-containing nucleotides. The present report documents that lead-induced deficiency when sufficiently severe gives ...
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Batlle M - - 1993
A patient is presented who had acute basophilic leukaemia with intense erythroblastic reaction. The patient, a 66 year-old man, complained of general malaise, increased abdominal perimeter and melena. Leucocytosis, as well as severe anaemia and thrombocytopenia, were found in his peripheral blood. Basophils were present in all maturation stages, along ...
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Seip M - - 1999
The disease is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme pyrimidine-5'-nucleotidase in the erythrocytes. About 50 cases have been published. We have diagnosed the disease in a pair of siblings from Numedal, Norway. Although this is a rare disorder it has a world-wide distribution. It is inherited as an autosomal ...
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van der Klooster J M - - 2003
A 25-year-old man with schizophrenia had abdominal complaints and haemolytic anaemia, basophilic stippling and Cabot's rings due to lead poisoning.
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Mikkelsen Susan - - 2010
Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT) modifies the allergic response and relieves allergic symptoms. SCIT is the only and a very effective treatment for insect venom allergy. We hypothesized that basophil sensitivity, measured through the basophil activation test, would decrease during SCIT up dosing. Expression of CD203c was compared to CD63 as marker ...
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Dillon W G - - 1975
The gerbil displays sex determined differences in packed red-cell volume, haemoglobin level, total leukocyte count and absolute number of circulating lymphocytes. The erythrocytes demonstrate a prominent polychromasia and frequent occurrence of basophilic stippling.
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Frank G - - 1989
The morphology and development of heterophil and basophil granules from the trunk kidneys of Rana esculenta tadpoles were studied at the electron microscopic level. Cells of the heterophils series contain granules displaying either spheroid profiles with homogeneous content (Type A), or elongate profiles with a crystalloid interior (Type B). Type ...
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Modabbernia Mohammad Jafar - - 2009
Little is known about catatonia associated with lead intoxication. A retired printing house worker man presented with one week history of refusal to eat and mutism. He was treated with possible diagnosis of catatonia with administration of Lorazepam 3 mg P.O. daily. Significant improvement occurred after 48 hours. In further ...
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Johansson-Sjöbeck M L - - 1979
The activity of the enzyme delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (ALA-D) was strongly depressed in erythrocytes, spleen and renal tissue of rainbow trouts (Salmo gairdnerii) exposed to sublethal levels of inorganic lead (10, 75 and 300 microgram Pb2+/L) for 30 days. The fish exposed to the highest lead concentration also showed an ...
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Allcott J V JV - - 1987
Acute lead poisoning can present a difficult diagnostic dilemma, with symptoms that mimic those of hepatitis, nephritis, and encephalopathy. We report two cases in intravenous methamphetamine users who presented with abnormal liver function values, low hematocrit values, basophilic stippling of red blood cells, and elevated blood lead levels. Both patients ...
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Tanaka K - - 1996
We report a case of anemia due to chronic lead poisoning. A 46-year-old female was admitted to our hospital because of general fatigue and anemia. A peripheral blood smear showed basophilic stippling. There was basophilic stippling and nuclear dysplasia of erythroblasts in the bone marrow. Laboratory findings were as follows: ...
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de la Serna F J - - 1989
Congenital pyrimidin 5'nucleotidase deficiency manifests as hemolytic anemia with basophilic stippling. In lead poisoning, anemia, basophilic stippling and inhibition of erythrocyte pyrimidin 5' deficiency are also observed. In the present work, we report two cases of hemolytic anemia secondary to congenital deficiency of pyrimidin 5' nucleotidase and another case secondary ...
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Ben-Bassat I - - 1976
Congenital hemolytic anemia associated with pyrimidine 5'-nucleotidase deficiency is reported in two siblings. Both have had moderate chronic hemolytic anemia, splenomegaly, and jaundice since early infancy. The peripheral blood smear is characterized by striking red cell basophilic stippling. As this feature has been found in all previously reported cases, it ...
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George J W - - 1979
The hematologic abnormalities are used to aid in diagnosis and understanding of the pathophysiologic mechanisms of lead poisoning. Erythrocyte shape abnormalities, basophilic stippling, porphyrin abnormalities and normoblastosis have been associated with lead ingestion in many species. This paper reviews literature on these aspects of hematology of lead poisoning in both ...
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Pralle H - - 1985
Arsenic is widely used for the production of insecticides, paints, ceramics and for the preparation of textiles, leather and furs. Nevertheless hematologists are almost unaware of the influence of arsenic on bone marrow morphology. In the case described here we have found slight megaloblastic hemopoiesis, typical karyorrhexis in erythropoietic accompanied ...
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Miwa S - - 1981
A 23-year-old Japanese male with severe lead intoxication accompanied by hemolytic anemia was studied. The patient had taken 12 g to lead in about a month. He had moderate hemolytic anemia (Hb 8.9 g/100 ml) with reticulocytosis ranging from 2.5 to 11.7%. Peripheral blood smear showed nucleated red cells (42/200 ...
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Torrance J D - - 1977
The first South African case of haemolytic anaemia due to erythrocyte pyrimidine 5'-nucleotidase deficiency is reported. The anaemia is characterized by the presence of high erythrocyte pyrimidine nucleotide levels and marked basophilic stippling. The enzyme levels in 20 family members confirm an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance and illustrate the ...
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Ibrahim Abdulsalam S - - 2002
A 56-year-old Indian lady presented with one week history of abdominal pain, jaundice and chronic polyarthralgia. She had evidence of hemolytic anemia and hepatitis. Her blood lead level was high and a peripheral blood film showed dense basophilic stippling. It is believed that the lead toxicity was due to the ...
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