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Rocha Gustavo - - 2006
INTRODUCTION: Pleural effusions are rare in the neonate and may be associated to several clinical conditions. Only a few series of pleural effusions in the fetus and newborn are described in the literature. AIM: This study was undertaken to determine more accurately the causes and prognostic significance of pleural effusions ...
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Mathur Deepan D 1Pediatric Pathology, Department of Pathology, - - 2014
Noonan Syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by short stature, congenital heart defects, developmental delay, dysmorphic facial features and occasional lymphatic dysplasias. The features of Noonan Syndrome change with age and have variable expression. The diagnosis has historically been based on clinical grounds. We describe a child that was ...
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Duffy Bethany M - - 2005
Gorham's disease, also known as vanishing bone disease or massive osteolysis, is a rare disorder of uncertain etiology. It is characterized by uncontrolled proliferation of vascular or lymphatic capillaries within bone, leading to resorption and replacement with angiomatous tissue. It can be complicated by chylous pericardial and pleural effusions, which ...
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Chan R M - - 1984
Nontraumatic chylopericardium without chylothorax is rare. We describe a patient with chylopericardium associated with intravenous drug addiction. To our knowledge, this association has not been reported previously. The patient underwent total pericardiectomy and had had no recurrence 24 months after surgery.
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Medoff-Cooper Barbara - - 2010
In the United States of America, approximately 40,000 infants are born annually with congenitally malformed hearts. Children with defects that require complex surgical palliation, or definitive repair, face many challenges in achieving optimal short-term and long-term growth. The presence of associated chromosomal abnormalities, cyanosis, and cardiac failure adds to the ...
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Neath P J - - 2000
OBJECTIVE: To identify breed disposition, postoperative complications, and outcome in dogs with lung lobe torsion. DESIGN: Retrospective study. ANIMALS: 22 client-owned dogs. PROCEDURE: Information on signalment; history; clinical findings; results of clinicopathologic testing, diagnostic imaging, and pleural fluid analysis; surgical treatment; intra- and postoperative complications; histologic findings; and outcome were ...
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Praveen Alampath - - 2012
Thoracic duct embolization (TDE) is an established radiological interventional procedure for thoracic duct injuries. Traditionally, it is done under fluoroscopic guidance after opacifying the thoracic duct with bipedal lymphangiography. We describe our experience in usinga heavily T2W sequence for guiding thoracic duct puncture and direct injection of glue through the ...
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Suri Deepti - - 2009
We report on a 4-year-old girl with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome who presented with life-threatening chylopericardial tamponade with chylothorax secondary to superior vena cava thrombosis. This is the first case report of this complication in a child. We outline the treatment, which included emergency pericardiocentesis and thoracostomy, parentral anticoagulation and dietary ...
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Negre E - - 1977
Over a 15 year period, the authors operated upon 650 patients suffering from carcinoma of the oesophagus. Amongst them, 185 underwent pre-operative irradiation. The latter appears to increase the percentage in whom excision was possible. By contrast, the occurence rate of postoperative complications is essentially the same in both groups ...
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Lauridsen P - - 1979
An 11-year-old girl with anomalous pulmonary venous drainage from the left lung to the right atrium was corrected by anastomosing the anomalous trunk to the left auricular appendage. Postoperatively she developed a left-sided chylothorax which resolved on medical treatment. A postoperative angiocardiography one year after surgery showed a well-functioning anastomosis.
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Foresti V - - 1990
We report on a male patient with tuberous sclerosis (adenoma sebaceum and digital fibromas, renal angiomyolipomas and subependymal brain calcifications), who presented with chylothorax. Chest CT scan did not show pulmonary parenchymal alterations, but only a moderate enlargement of the paracaval mediastinal lymph nodes. Tuberous sclerosis with lung involvement presents ...
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Brøyn T - - 1990
Recurrent pleural effusion is often a problem in metastases from breast cancer, and may be treated by instillation of irritating drugs combined with external drainage for some days. Less frequently chylothorax is a complication to malignant disease. Drainage of the pleural effusion to the peritoneum is possible, and this article ...
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Tomić Ilija - - 2003
This paper presents 4 patients with chylothorax, and one patient with bilateral chylothorax and chyloperitoneum. The chylous effusions were of benign etiology, developed as a complication of miliary tuberculosis (1 patient), after L-2 vertebral body fracture (1 patient), and idiopathic (2 patients). The diagnosis was confirmed by the presence of ...
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Hughes E - - 1987
A 32-year-old primigravida presented with cough and dyspnea at 16 weeks' gestation. Chest roentgenogram revealed a large pleural effusion and diffuse interstitial infiltrates. Moderate arterial hypoxemia and a significant reduction in vital capacity were present. Thoracentesis revealed sterile chyle with no evidence of malignancy. Spontaneous delivery of a healthy infant ...
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Farnsworth R - - 1996
A 3.5-year-old female German Shepherd Dog developed subcutaneous accumulation of chyle in a hind limb after ligation of the thoracic duct for treatment of chylothorax. Lymphangiography revealed severe lymphangiectasia in the abdomen and left inguinal region. Although the pleural effusion resolved, the subcutaneous accumulation of chyle continued even after medical ...
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Chen Eric - - 2011
Chylous leaks, such as chylothorax and chylopericardium, are uncommon effusions resulting from the leakage of intestinal lymphatic fluid from the thoracic duct (TD) and its tributaries, or intestinal lymphatic ducts. The cause can be either traumatic (thoracic surgery) or nontraumatic (idiopathic, malignancy). Treatment has traditionally consisted of dietary modification (nonfat ...
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Vinz H - - 1980
The different types of vagotomy are highly standardized, but show a typical spectrum of complications, injuries of spleen (1 to 4%) and liver, perforation of the oesophagus (0,5 to 1,0%) intraoperative bleeding, lesions of the pleura (0,5%), necrosis of the lesser curvature of the stomach, chylothorax and chyloperitoneum. The article ...
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Bose Amal K - - 2010
We present a fascinating case of major penetrating trauma to the chest which resulted in a successful outcome. Often such trauma is associated with a poor outcome due to injury to the heart, lungs or major blood vessels with subsequent massive blood loss, pnuemothorax or haemo-pneumothorax. Late complications include infection ...
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Favre R - - 1990
Two clinical cases of fetal hydrops are discussed: one of them was caused by diffuse lymphangiectasis and the other was idiopathic. A review of recent literature regarding the management of non-immunological hydrops is presented and gives hope for a new therapeutic approach to fetal hydrops especially in cases of chylothorax. ...
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Khelif K - - 2006
Thoracoscopy offers numerous diagnostic and therapeutic options in pediatric surgery. This paper reviews some of the principal thoracoscpic procedures performed in children. Thoracoscopy for empyema, pectus excavatum, chylothorax, etc., will be discussed. Thoracoscpy has been postulated to offer similar results as conventional surgery with lower morbidity and reduced hospital stay. ...
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Singleton R - - 1986
This is a report of the short- and long-term complications in a premature infant with tracheoesophageal fistula, including those related to central venous alimentation, seizures, chylothorax, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, dental erosions, gastroesophageal reflux, pulmonary problems, and gall stones. It offers analyses of possible alternate methods and treatments, which may have provided ...
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Swelstad Matthew Reed - - 2003
Gorham's Syndrome, also known as massive osteolysis or "vanishing bone disease" results from lymphangiomatosis with adjacent bone resorption. Chylothorax is a common complication in cases of mediastinal involvement. We report a case of Gorham's Syndrome presenting as chylotamponade successfully treated with pericardial drainage, early parenteral nutritional support, bilateral pleurodesis for ...
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Itkin Maxim - - 2011
Chylothorax is an uncommon complication of cardiothoracic surgery in children that is traditionally treated with either conservative (diet modification, octreotide administration, and percutaneous drainage) or surgical (thoracic duct ligation, pleurodesis, and pleuroperitoneal shunt) approaches. We report here the cases of 2 children (a 6-month-old and a 1-month-old) with postoperative chylous ...
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Möllmann D - - 1990
Lymphangiomyomatosis (LAM) is a rare disease that occurs predominantly in women of reproductive age. We report on a 17-year old female patient with chylothorax and smooth muscle proliferation of lymphatic vessels in the retrocrural, retroperitoneal and mesenteric space. Radiological procedures and especially computerized tomography proved particularly suitable for detecting abdominal ...
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Chakrabarti Nandini - - 2012
Pulmonary lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a rare disorder presenting with remarkable features like recurrent pneumothorax or chylothorax, usually in young women. We report a case of sporadic LAM who presented with nothing but recent onset exertional dyspnoea and it was this unobtrusive presentation that led to delay in diagnosis.
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Shetty Sandeep Krishnanand - - 2011
A premature neonate who developed respiratory distress in the first few days of life was found to have a pleural effusion, which reaccumulated following drainage. The effusion was demonstrated to be a chylothorax. He required multiple chest drains and was started on a medium chain triglyceride formula feed. This brought ...
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Arayici Sema - - 2013
Chemical pleurodesis with povidone-iodine has been used to treat congenital idiopathic chylothorax in neonates. We report successful use of povidone-iodine in an extremely premature infant to treat a pneumothorax that had persisted for more than one week despite high-frequency ventilation.
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Simón Adiego Carlos - - 2011
We review incidence, etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the following complications of pulmonary resection: prolonged air leak, subcutaneous emphysema, residual pleural spaces, early bronchial stump dehiscence, bleeding, pleural empyema, bronchopleural fistula, esophagopleural fistula, chylothorax, cardiac herniation, pulmonary torsion, postpneumonectomy syndrome, nerve injuries and tumor embolism.
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Drewniak Michelle A - - 2013
Background: The purpose of this study was to compare 2 methods (syringe and spoon methods) of removing the fat from the low-fat milk portion and compare 3 methods (refrigerated centrifuge, nonrefrigerated centrifuge, and refrigeration method) of separating breast milk into the fat and low-fat milk components. Methods: Human milk was ...
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Koide Y - - 1996
Indications of rethoracotomy after esophagectomy for esophageal cancer are reviewed in this paper. Hemothorax, pneumothorax, pyothorax and chylothorax are the main causes of rethoracotomy. Complications indicating rethoracotomy are summarized as follows: 1) Hemothorax; emergency rethoracotomy is indicated in cases of bleeding through the chest drain over 100ml/hr, which is continuing ...
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Ma Lin - - 2010
A 26-year-old Asian male was found to have chyle leakage from the port incision after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) for excision of pulmonary bullae. The diagnosis was confirmed by oral intake of Sudan black and by lymphoscintigraphy. The leakage resolved after 5 days of restricted oral intake and total parenteral ...
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Xu Kai-Feng KF Department of Respiratory Medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, People's Republic of - - 2014
Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is an uncommon disease presented as diffuse thin-walled cystic changes in the lung. The main differential diagnoses include pulmonary Langerhans' histiocytosis (PLCH), Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome (BHD), lymphoid interstitial pneumonia (LIP), and amyloidosis. A combination of clinical, radiological, and pathological approaches as well as genetic testing will clarify the diagnosis ...
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Gupta Ruchi - - 2009
Ovarian neoplasms account for only 1% of all tumors in girls below the age of 17 years, and among these, malignant epithelial ovarian tumors are even more uncommon. We would like to report a case of ovarian epithelial malignancy presenting at 11 years of age with extensive peritoneal dissemination. The ...
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Johnson Thomas J - - 2010
Extravasation of total parenteral nutrition (TPN) delivered via central lines is a known potential complication, but significant extravasations of infusate into the pleural space when using peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) have not been reported in adults. We report 2 cases ofpleural cavity extravasation ofTPN delivered via a PICC. Measurement ...
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Deist T J - - 2001
Chylothorax and chylascites are rare complications of neoplasm or surgical, but also non-surgical trauma. Extremely rare causes are a subclavian i.v. line, a mesenterical hamartoma, retrosternal goiter, liver cirrhosis, portal vein thrombosis, filariasis, tuberculosis, ruptured aortic aneurysm and radiotherapy. We report on a 60-year-old male with bilateral chylothorax and chylascites ...
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Kandakure Pramod Reddy - - 2010
We describe the technique of Kawashima repair without using cardiopulmonary bypass in 6 consecutive patients of single ventricle morphology with interrupted inferior vena cava and pulmonary stenosis. No patient had central nervous system disorder or chylothorax. The off-pump technique is feasible in Kawashima repair. This technique avoids use of cardiopulmonary ...
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Saidi F - - 1991
Many thoracic surgeons have expressed concern about the complications inherent in transhiatal esophagectomy without thoracotomy. The technique of endothoracic endoesophageal pull-through uses a mucosal coring of normal esophagus beyond the tumor and leaves a muscular tube through which the substitute organ is passed. Mediastinal hemorrhage, tracheal injury, and chylothorax are ...
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Staiger Benjamin A - - 2011
To-determine the feasibility of a single paracostal abdominal approach for thoracic duct ligation (TDL) and cisterna chyli ablation (CCA) in dogs with chylothorax. Observational study and prospective case series. Normal dogs (n = 5) and dogs with chylothorax (n = 8). A single paracostal approach with transdiaphragmatic extension for TDL ...
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Watanabe Kanako - - 2005
We report successful anesthetic management of a 1.7-kg premature infant who underwent thoracoscopic thoracic duct ligation under general anesthesia. She was born at 30 weeks gestation with birth weight of 1,546 g and was suffering from respiratory distress due to persistent right chylothorax for two months after birth. Chest tube ...
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Picone Olivier - - 2004
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate perinatal outcome after thoracoamniotic shunting for fetal pleural effusions with hydrops. STUDY DESIGN: This was a retrospective study. RESULTS: Shunting was performed immediately after diagnosis and was successful in all 54 of the cases that were attempted. There were 7 pregnancy ...
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Girotra Mohit - - 2013
Abstract Background and Study Aims: The study of lymph as a biofluid is lacking because of absence of a safe site and technique for lymph acquisition. Injury to the thoracic duct during surgery is known to cause chylothorax. The aim of this interventional study was to puncture the thoracic duct ...
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Bellini C - - 2012
This retrospective study was carried out at eight Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) Centers worldwide on 33 newborns presenting at birth with pleural, pericardial, or abdominal chylous effusions. Diagnosis of chylous effusion is based on findings of fluid with a milk-like appearance, a concentration of triglycerides in pleural effusion >1.1 ...
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Ohno K - - 1989
Of the patients who underwent surgical treatment for the respiratory system at our hospital over the past 9 years, 6 were postoperatively complicated with chylothorax, 1 with liquorrhea and the other one with paraplegia. Chylothorax occurred after mediastinal lymph node dissection which was carried out for the treatment of malignant ...
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Smeak D D - - 2001
OBJECTIVE: To describe complications and outcome associated with chronic nonseptic pleural effusion treated with pleuroperitoneal shunts in dogs. DESIGN: Retrospective study. ANIMALS: 14 dogs. PROCEDURE: Medical records at 4 veterinary schools were examined to identify dogs with chronic nonseptic pleural effusion that were treated by use of a pleuroperitoneal shunt ...
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