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Bove J R - - 1990
Although the major diseases transmitted by transfusion today are AIDS and hepatitis, many others also are known. These include CMV, syphilis, Chagas disease, babesiosis, parvovirus B19, malaria, Epstein-Barr infection, and many others that have been reported only once or twice. Reducing the risk of transfusion-transmitted diseases is a problem for ...
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Cassini, Rudi
Vector borne infections are now again a priority worldwide. Emergence or re-emergence of these diseases are usually associated with climatic change, but also other factor are involved, such as demographic, socio-economic and accidental factors. The results of 3 years epidemiolocal investigations about ruminants babesiosis and canine leishmaniosis in north-eastern Italy ...
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SiƄski Edward - - 2011
Babesiosis in humans is caused by infection with various species of Babesia (Apicomplexa, Piroplasmida), mainly transmitted by an arthropod vector--Ixodes spp. ticks. This review will focus on blood transfusion as another mode of Babesia transmission, especially in endemic areas, as well as the impact of human babesiosis on transfusion medicine.
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Sun Jia-Hui - - 2013
Human babesiosis, a malaria-like zoonosis transmitted by the tick, is mainly distributed in Europe, USA and some Asian countries. There are various kinds of diagnostic methods for babesiosis caused by Babesia microti, but many of them are still in the preliminary stage. This article reviewes the main diagnostic techniques and ...
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Esmaeilnejad Bijan B Department of Pathobiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran, - - 2014
This study is designated to assess the effect of the severity of Babesia ovis infection on sialic acid concentration in blood sera in naturally infected sheep. Infected animals (diseased group) comprised 38 Iranian fat-tailed sheep, about 1-3 years old, naturally infected with B. ovis, divided into four subgroups with respect to ...
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Gakuya, D W; ;
The purpose of this investigation was to establish the incidences of tick borne diseases (TBD) in cattle. The diseases investigated were East Coast Fever (ECF), Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis. The data used was obtained from the large animal clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary medicine covering a period of 8 years ...
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Curioni V - - 2004
The Monti Sibillini National Park is a recently borne protected area in the central Apennines that has become an important tourist destination. Mountain grasslands and woods have made it also a suitable habitat for sheep and bovine cattle, as well as for wild animals such as the wild bore and ...
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Last R D - - 2007
South African canine babesiosis caused by Babesia canis rossi is a common clinical disease in dogs in South Africa and remains a significant cause of domestic dog mortality. To determine whether tick-repellent, 9% amitraz-impregnated tick collars (Preventic-Virbac) could prevent tick-borne exposure to B. canis rossi, 50 dogs were assigned to ...
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Masika P J - - 1997
Perceived causes, diagnosis and treatment of redwater (babesiosis) and gallsickness (anaplasmosis) in cattle by livestock farmers in communal areas of the central Eastern Cape Province were investigated by means of participatory methods, semi-structured interviews and a questionnaire survey. Most livestock owners relate the causes of these diseases to excessive grazing ...
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Salem N Y NY Department of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Giza Square, Giza 12211, - - 2014
Background. Canine babesiosis is a clinically important hemoprotozoan parasite affecting dogs. The goal of this present study was to determine the clinical symptoms and to establish its hematological and microscopic detection and compare it with the PCR findings attained from dogs infected with Babesia canis vogeli. Methodology/Principal Findings. 13-PCR confirmed ...
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Diana Alessia - - 2007
Cardiac dysfunction is a rare complication of babesiosis in domestic animals. The horse in this report showed clinical signs of anorexia, depression, fever, icterus and brown urine, and laboratory results (monocytosis, thrombocytopenia, azotemia, hyperbilirubinemia and bilirubinuria) indicated sub-acute piroplasmosis. Furthermore, junctional and polymorphic ventricular premature complexes and tachycardia associated with ...
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Zhou J - - 1997
To obtain a highly effective method for controlling babesiosis in cattle and buffalo, an epidemiological survey was carried out at Zuiyun village in Hubai Province. On the grounds of the epidemiological data, control measures which included preventive drugs and killing the vectors were devised. After two years of control no ...
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Habicht G S - - 1983
5he effect of age on the immunological responses to Babesia microti infection in the mouse was investigated. Aged mice experienced reduced and delayed peak parasitemias compared to younger animals; however, the old mice failed to clear the parasites from the blood and experienced fluctuating parasitemias until death. Babesiosis produced suppression ...
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Nohýnková E - - 2003
Human babesiosis is a zoonotic tick-borne protozoan infection caused by several species of the genus Babesia. It is a rare disease in Europe. Until recently, 31 cases have been described. Most of them were severe infections caused by a cattle parasite Babesia divergens in splenectomized patients. In contrast, a rodent ...
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Vyas Jatin M - - 2007
A patient with acquired immune deficiency syndrome presented with babesiosis 6 months after presumed tick exposure. Despite initial treatment with azithromycin and atovaquone, followed by quinine and clindamycin, he experienced an increasing parasite load. Finally, red blood cell exchange transfusion, anti-Babesia therapy, and the addition of atovaquone-proguanil to the treatment ...
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Stewart C G - - 1983
Isometamidium, amicarbalide and diminazene were used to treat experimentally induced canine babesiosis. Relapse parasitaemias developed after treatment in all groups of animals. The relapse interval, however, was shorter and more relapses occurred after treatment with amicarbalide than either of the other 2 drugs. Only half of the dogs treated with ...
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Taylor J H - - 1991
Carboxyhaemoglobin fractions were found to be significantly higher (P less than 0.05) in dogs (n = 5) with severe babesiosis than in control subjects (n = 5). The enzymatic conversion of haem to biliverdin by haem oxygenase is the only known source of endogenous carbon monoxide. We propose that the ...
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Gubernot Diane M - - 2009
BACKGROUND: Human babesiosis is an illness with clinical manifestations that range from asymptomatic to fatal. Although babesiosis is not nationally notifiable, the US incidence appears to be increasing. Babesia infection is a transfusion-transmissable disease. An estimated 70 cases were reported during 1979-2007; most of these cases were reported during the ...
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Tsuji M - - 2001
We have carried out epizootiologic surveys at various sites in Japan to investigate wild animals that serve as reservoirs for the agents of human babesiosis in the country. Small mammals comprising six species, Apodemus speciosus, Apodemus argenteus, Clethrionomys rufocanus, Eothenomys smithii, Crocidura dsinezumi, and Sorex unguiculatus, were trapped at various ...
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