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The influence of maternal nicotine exposure on selected glycolytic and cytochrome P450 enzymes in developing neonatal rat lung.
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The structural and functional integrity of a developing and maturing fetal and neonatal lung is critically dependent on carbohydrate metabolism. The energy derived from carbohydrate metabolism is utilized during the processed of cell growth and development. It is reported that maternal nicotine exposure during pregnancy and lactation results in the irreversible inhibition of glycolysis, for which no mechanism is currently proposed and a significant increase in glucose turnover. The principal objective of this thesis was to determine the influence of maternal nicotine exposure during gestation and lactation on the isoenzyme patterns and transcript levels of the selected enzymes in developing neonatal rat lung, in an attempt to elucidate the mechanism of inhibition of glycolysis observed.
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Gamieldien, Kareemah
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Lungs. Effect of nicotineRats, Tobacco. Physiological effect. Rats, Rats as laboratory animals.
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