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The flora of the volcanic island of Brusnik (central Dalmatia, Croatia)
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Research into the vascular flora of the volcanic island of Brusnik was carried out in the period from 2000 to 2002. A total of 28 higher plant species was found, four of them being noted for the first time. Of the 41 taxa noted by previous authors, 24 were confirmed, but 17 were not. According to analysis of life forms, the most numerous are Therophyta (13 species, 46.4%), followed by Chamaephyta (seven species, 25%), Phanerophyta (four species, 14.3%), Hemicryptophyta (three species, 10.7%) and Geophyta (one species, 3.6%). After analysis of floral elements, autochthonous taxa are grouped into three categories: Mediterranean floral element (18 species, 66.6%), South European floral element (five species, 18.5%) and widespread plants (four species, 14.8%). Especially important plants in the flora of Brusnik are Frankenia pulverulenta L., a very rare species in the Croatian flora and the Illyrian-Adriatic endemic plants Centaurea ragusina L., Limonium vestitum (Salmon) Salmon subsp. brusnicense Trinajsti} and Senecio leucanthemifolius Poir. var. reichenbachii Fiori. The results of our research show that the island of Brusnik belongs, in phytogeographical terms, to the Mediterranean zone proper of the Mediterranean region.
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Bogdanović, S., Mitić, B.
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Flora; endemic plants; island; Brusnik; Dalmatia; Adriatic; Croatia
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Acta Botanica Croatica,, Vol.62, No.2
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