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The effect of intramural fibroids on the outcome of IVF
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Objective: To evaluate the effect of fibroids on outcome of IVF and study value of myomectomy prior to IVF. Design: Prospective controlled study. Setting: Private IVF center, The Egyptian IVF ET Center, Maadi, Cairo. Materials and methods: One hundred and eighty four patients were included. Sixty three patients with intramural fibroids were counseled for either myomectomy or no treatment prior to IVF and decision left to the patient. Group A, N=19 were treated by myomectomy, Group B, N=44 had no myomectomy. Group B were subdivided into B1, N=11 with fibroid at a distance < 5 mm from the endometrial lining and B2, N=33 at a distance of > 5 mm. Group C, N= 100 were an age-matched group of infertility patients. Group D included 11 submucous fibroids and 10 fibroid polyps that were all treated by hysteroscopic resection. Main outcome Measures: Size and distance of intramural fibroid to endometrial lining were recorded. Outcome of IVF was compared between fibroids at a distance > 5 mm and < 5 mm from endometrial lining. As well as outcome between group that performed myomectomy and that which did not undergo myomectomy. Results: Pregnancy rates achieved in the three groups A, B and C were; 50%, 27.5% and 36% respectively. This was found to be non significant. In subgroup B1 there was one pregnancy (9%) as compared to 10 pregnancies in subgroup B2 (30%). The difference was non significant. Following hysteroscopic resection 2 out of 6 patients with submucous fibroids and 6 out of 10 patients with fibroid polyps became pregnant after IVF. Conclusions: The distance between the intramural myomas and the endometrial lining did not affect the IVF outcome. An insignificant tendency towards improvement of IVF outcome was found in myomas at more than 5 mm from endometrial lining.
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Mona M. Aboulghar,Hesham G. Al-Inany,Mohamed A. Aboulghar,Gamal I. Serour, Ragaa T. Mansour
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Fibroid, myomectomy, endometrial cavity, Sonohysterography, IVF
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Origin of publication: Egypt
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Middle East Fertility Society Journal (ISSN: 1110-5690) Vol 9 Num 3
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Copyright 2004 - Middle East Fertility Society
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