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The effect of conservation farming on the abundance of earthworms on eroded soils
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The soil of the experimental site is (JIb-el) Eutric Albeluvisol (Abe-el) with a texture of loamy sand at footslopes and clay loam at top part of the slopes. The population density of earthworms (Lumbricidae) on slope soil was the lowest after winter wheat, which was the first crop in the rotation (38 earthworms m-2 ) and the highest after the second crop - spring barley (77 earthworms m-2) and after the third crop - oats (61 earthworms m-2). Through the soil conservation technology - disking, straw mulch incorporation, catch crops autumn undersowing the density of earthworm population in wheat stubble increased by 53 per m2, in oats stubble by 40 per m2 and through trash conservation, no tillage practice, respectively, in wheat by 27 per m2 in oats by 26 per m2. The number of earthworms in the plough layer of eroded soil was also dependent on the relief conditions: there were significantly fewer earthworms in the lower part of slope (in 2000 by 28.9 %, in 2001 by 60.6 %, in 2002 by 73.5 %) than on the top of slope. Higher number of earthworms resulted in an increased amount of valuable soil aggregates (1-5 mm) on the top of slope, but not in the middle and lower parts of slope.
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Kinderienė, Irena
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Soil management, Earthworms, Crop rotation, Žemdirbystė, Sliekai, Sėjomaina
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