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A descriptive analysis of exercise tolerance test at Seremban Hospital: An audit for the year 2001
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Our purpose is to report on the epidemiological variables and their association with the results of the exercise tolerance test (ETT) in the series of patients referred for standard diagnostic ETT at Seremban Hospital during the year 2001. ETT is widely performed, but, in Malaysia, an analysis of the associations between the epidemiological data and the results of the ETT has not been presented. All patients referred for ETT at Seremban Hospital who underwent exercise treadmill tests for the year 2001 were taken as the study population. Demographic details and patients with established heart disease (i.e. prior coronary bypass surgery, myocardial infarction, or congestive heart failure) were noted. Clinical and ETT variables were collected retrospectively from the hospital records. Testing and data management were performed in a standardized fashion with a computer-assisted protocol. This study showed that there was no significant predictive epidemiological variable on the results of the ETT. However, it was found that there was statistically significant difference between the peak exercise time of males and females undergoing the ETT.
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Mohamed, Abdul Latiff, Nee, Chan Chee, Azzad, Ahmed
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2006-08-24, 2006-08-24, 2004-12-31
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Exercise Tolerance Test, Race, Gender, Age, Exercise Tolerance Test, Race, Gender, Age
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