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The constrained torsional analysis of thin-walled variable cross-section multi-cell laminated composite beams
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A Constrained Torsional Analysis of Thin-Walled Variable Cross-Section Multi-Cell Laminated Composite Beams has been undertaken . The existing Isotopic theory has been modified using the effective engineering elastic constants to cater for the Composite structures under torsional loads. The relevant computer programs for the Composite structure analysis have also been developed. The results are discussed in detail for single-cell and multi-cell prismatic/tapered beams for all [0/45/-45/90], lay up in flanges and webs, all [45/-45]2], lay-up in flanges and webs, and for flanges [0/45/-45/90], & webs [45/-45]2], lay-up. The theoretical results obtained are then compared with those obtained from a finite element method analysis carried out by the author employing MSC commercial package PATRAN/NASTRAN. This has provided confidence in the validity and capability of the developed Composite theory in handling the Torsional Analysis of Variable Cross-section Single-Cell & Multi-Cell Laminated Composite Beams.
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Ahmed, Malik Nazir
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Loughlan, Joseph (supervisor)
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2008-10-22, 2008-10-22, 1999-08
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