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Variation in wild and primitive Andean bean varieties under European conditions
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Phaseolus bean is a widely distributed crop across the world as an important source of protein in the human diet mainly in the Third World although its presence in other countries is relevant enough. Origin of Phaseolus vulgaris is currently accepted to be located in the Andean and Mesoamerica regions where six races are identified (Singh et al 1991)., The objectives of this paper are to evaluate the quantitative variation in the Phaseolus vulgaris germplasm from the provinces of the Argentinean northwest (NOA) under environmental conditions quite different of the original ones and to analyze the potential of these germplasm sources for the genetic improvement of the currently cultivated European varieties based in the widening of their genetic basis., Peer reviewed
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Ron Pedreira, Antonio Miguel de, Rodiño Míguez, Ana Paula, Menéndez-Sevillano, Mª. Carmen, Santalla Ferradás, Marta, Barcala, N., Montero, I.
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2009-04-01, 2009-04-01, 1999-03
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Phaseolus vulgaris, Cultivars, Wild plants, Germplasm, Varieties, Variety trials, Agronomic traits, Genetic variation, Geographical variation, Argentina, Europe
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