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The Umbrella [book review]
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Brett, Jan. The Umbrella. G.P.Putman's Sons, 2004. ISBN 0399242155. $16.99. 32 pp. Reviewer: Lillian H. Heil Reading Level: Primary Rating: Excellent Genre: Fantasy Fiction; Subject: Rain Forest Animals--Juvenile Fiction; Books--Reviews; Brett's "The Umbrella" gives a tropical setting for a story similar to another of her books, "The Mitten". The animals in the forest crawl into the umbrella. Carlos, who owns the umbrella has set it under a tree and climbs the tree looking for tropical animals. While he climbs, the animals are getting into the umbrella, being tossed in the river, sinking and finally all but the frog crawl off into the forest. Brett does her usual accurate and colorful paintings of the tropical birds and animals. She shows what Carlos is doing and what the animals in the umbrella are doing - making two parallel stories on each page. Young and old will enjoy the joke on Carlos and enjoy seeing the variety of animals that live in a rain forest., Children's Book and Play Review, April 2005
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Heil, Lillian;
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Brett, Jan, 1949-;
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Fantasy Fiction;, Rain forest animals--Juvenile fiction; Books--Reviews;
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Children's Book and Play Review; Scholarly Periodicals;
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Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University
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