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Testosterone is Suppressed in Repeated Blood Sampling Collection Using Isoflurane in Phodopus sungorus
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A free testosterone analog immunoassay kit was used to determine the effects of exercise, and exposure to isoflurane anesthetic on this hormone in Phodopus sungorus hamsters. Sixteen hamsters were split into two groups of eight, and were allowed access to both functional and locked running wheels for twelve weeks in a schedule that switched wheel types between groups at the halfway point. A third group of eight hamsters, without running wheels, was kept under similar conditions. Repeated blood sampling in the latter four weeks of each six week block occurred in these groups. Samples, taken three times a week and at the same time of day, were analyzed for free testosterone. 44% of samples were found to be below the lower limit of the assay, and were lower on average at 4.10 ± 9.36pg/mL than colony pool values at 19.45 ± 5.65pg/mL. Individuals with recent access to working running wheels had lower average testes weights at 0.09 ± 0.09g, than hamsters without recent access to running wheels at 0.30 ± 0.06g. There was no repeatability found between the first and last half of the experiment in the control group without wheels, for average free testosterone or free testosterone dynamic index. Subsequent studies on exposure to anesthetic and free T5 showed a significant decrease of free T5 with time under isoflurane after a 20min induction (P< 0.0001, R2= 0.31), and a non-significant decrease after a 90s induction period (P= 0.051, R2= 0.08). There was no significant difference in first samples between a 90s and a 20min induction time (P= 0.49). It is concluded that the repeat blood sampling procedure under isoflurane anesthesia is a poor test for free testosterone dynamic index, and that exercise may play a role in lowering testes weights.
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Shapton, Kristina N.
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Katherine Wynne-Edwards
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2008-04-26, 2008-04-26, 2008-04-26
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phodopus, sungorus, isoflurane, repeat sampling, dynamic index, free testosterone, aerobic exercise, testes weight, testosterone, running wheel
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