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Statistical Disclosure Control in Catalonia and
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Catalan paper published on SDC was by an IDESCAT researcher back in 1993 [Turm93]. Based on that paper and subsequent work, IDESCAT released a sample of the 1991 population census of Catalonia [IDES95]. Sampling was the procedure used to control the risk of an individual being re1 identified [Gari99]. In the period 1996-1999, CRISES was the only research group in Catalonia doing work on SDC, supported by CICYT project TIC95-0903-C02-02 and by two IDESCAT research contracts. Work done in this period encompasses both tabular data and microdata: Tabular data SDC applied to tabular data has the goal of avoiding exact disclosure of an individual attribute. For contingency or magnitude tables, this means that cells to which a small number of individuals contribute should be specially protected. Cell suppression is the most common approach to tabular data protection. In [Domi96], it was shown that cell suppression can fail to meet its security goals when the protected tables contain one o
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Josep Domingo-ferrer
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Josep Domingo-ferrer Statistical Disclosure Control in Catalonia and
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