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Spleenic lymphoma villous lymphocytes: Case report and literature review
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ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: Splenic lymphoma with villous lymphocytes (SLVL) is a rare but recognized distinct disease entity among chronic B lymphoproliferative disorders. It is frequently misdiagnosed as chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, (CLL) Prolymphocytic leukaemia or Hairy Cell leukaemia. Few cases have been reported worldwide. METHOD: The case records of a sixty year old Nigerian male with a splenic lymphoma and a review of the literature on the subject using MEDLINE, other internet sources and manual library search was utilized. RESULT: A sixty-year-old male with splenic lymphoma with villous lymphocytes, seen at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Zaria is presented. However review of the blood film, bone marrow and Splenic aspirates showed absolute lymphocytosis, consisting of “villous” lymphocytes. He was commenced on an alkylating agent and a glucocorticoid, with partial remission in the first three months but was lost to follow up.CONCLUSION: Adequate morphologic evaluation is advocated particularly in the resource limited settings were Cytogenetics, immunohistochemistry and immunophenotyping are not available. <i> Nigerian Journal of Medicine </i> Vol. 16 (1) 2007: pp. 71-73
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Babadoko, AA; ;, Hussan, A; ;, Ahmed, AJ; ;, Isah, HA; ;, Suleiman, AM; ;
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Nigerian Journal of Medicine - Nigerian Journal of Medicine; Vol. 16, No. 1 (2007)
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