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Settlement and Performance Evaluation of <I>Apis mellifera yemenitica</I> in Relation to Beewax Foundation Use in Modern Hives
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Twenty indigenous (<I>Apis mellifera yemenitica</I>) honeybee colonies were transferred from the traditional log hives into modern movable frame (Langstroth) hives and divided into 4 Groups. Each group was provided with a modified frame to assess the effect of frame-type on colony settlement, wax secretion, sugar syrup and pollen consumption, sealed brood area, honey and pollen storage. Role of sugar syrup and pollen patty feeding was also evaluated for easy <I>Apis mellifera yemenitica</I> establishment in modern hives under Riyadh conditions. In treatment A and B where the frames were provided with complete wax foundation sheets and one inch wide wax foundation stripe, respectively showed complete colony`s settlement. In treatments C the wired frame without wax foundation sheet and in treatment D where the frames were without wire and wax foundation sheets out of 5 could settle only 3 and 2- <I>Apis mellifera yemenitica </I>colonies respectively. The food consumption rate remained high in treatment B followed by A, C and D, respectively whereas the sealed brood area, honey and pollen storage were found maximum in treatment A followed by B, C and D, respectively. The dimensions of the hive cells were found different in frames with the wax foundation sheet and without wax foundation sheet. The bees constructed larger cells 27/sq. inch in frames with wax foundation sheets and smaller cells 34/sq. inch in frames without wax foundation sheets.
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Ahmad Al Ghamdi
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Apis mellifera yemenitica, colony settelment, colony performance, beewax foundation, log hives, langstroth hives
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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
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