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<Review>Physical Exercise and Uncoupling Protein Family
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Ohno, H., SUZUKI, K., HITOMI, Y., KIMOTO, K., ITOH, C., MIYAZAWA, N., OOKAWARA, T., SUZUKI, K;., HAGA, S., SAKURAI, T., IZAWA, T., NOGUCHI, I. and KIZAKI, T., Physical Exercise and Uncoupling Protein Family. Adv. Exerc. Sports Physiol., Vol.7, No.1 pp1-15, 2001. There hac recently been a growing interest in uncouplong protein (UCP) particularly in relation to obesiry. This review summarizes current knowledge regarding the effects of physical exercise on the expression of UCP family (CPU1, CPU2, and UCP3) in tissues including brown adipose tissue and skeletal muscle from humans and rodents, and suggests that the expression of UCPs is regulated by exercise in those tissues.,
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Ohno, Hideki, Suzuki, Kenji, Hitomi, Yoshiaki, Kimoto, Kiyoko, Itoh, Choh-ei, Miyazawa, Nobuko, Ookawara, Tomomi, Suzuki, Keiichiro, Haga, Shukoh, Sakurai, Tomonobu, Izawa, Tetsuya, Noguchi, Izumi, Kizaki, Takako
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Department of Molecular Predictive Medicine and Sport Science, Kyorin University
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2006-01-26, 2007-02-28, 2007-03-01, 2007-03-02, 2007-03-05, 2007-03-06, 2007-03-07, 2006-01-26, 2007-02-28, 2007-03-01, 2007-03-02, 2007-03-05, 2007-03-06, 2007-03-07, 2001-04
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780.1, 健康・スポーツ科学
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