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Review of the Neotropical millipede genus Pycnotropis CARL, 1914 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Aphelidesmidae).
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A review of Pycnotropis is presented, with the description of 14 new species: P. -goeldii n.sp., P. madeira n.sp., P. sigma n.sp. and P. urucu n.sp., all from Brazil, P. carli n.sp. from Ecuador, P. curvata n.sp., P. falcata n.sp., P. jeekeli n.sp., P. pallidicornis n.sp., P. similis n.sp., P. subfalcata n. sp., P. unapi n.sp., P. torresi n.sp. and P. zumbii n.sp., all from Peru. P. acuticollis (ATTEMS, 1899), is redescribed upon the holotype from Brazil. Based on abundant strictly topotypic material, P. tida (CHAMBERLIN, 1941), is considered as a subjective senior synonym of P, epiclysmus HOFFMAN, 1995 (syn.n.). A key has been compiled to all 26 species of this diverse genus, with notes on its distribution.
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Golovatch, Sergei I., Vohland, Katrin, Hoffman, Richard L., Adis, Joachim, Mármol, Andrés E., Bachmann, Lutz, Tomiuk, Jürgen
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Diplopoda; Polydesmida; Aphelidesmidae; taxonomy; millipede; Neotropics
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Amazoniana, v.15, 67-102 (1998)
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Jahrbuch 1999, Copyright MPG 1999
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