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A Review of Ancistronycha Märkel with the Description of Atalantycha, a New Nearctic Genus (Coleoptera: Cantharidae)
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The genus Ancistronycha Märkel is reviewed. Atalantycha, new genus, is described. Ancistronycha rufidens Marseul is transferred to Cantharomorphus Fiori as Cantharomorphus rufidens (Marseul), new combination. Ancistronycha bilineata (Say), A. dentigera (Leconte) and A. neglecta (Fall) are transferred to Atalantycha as Atalantycha bilineata (Say), new combination, Atalantycha dentigera (Leconte), new combination, and Atalantycha neglecta (Fall), new combination. Ancistronycha taygetana Pic, new synonym, is synonymized with Ancistronycha occipitalis (Rosenhauer). Keys to the species of Ancistronycha and Atalantycha are provided.
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Sergey Kazantsev
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