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Reproductive Performance of Kamori Goat Flock under Semi-intensive Management System
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The study was conducted on randomly selected 30 Kamori goats for five kiddings from the flock of Livestock Experimental Station Khudaabad, Sindh, Pakistan. The mean value of age at first kidding of Kamori goat recorded was 565.70 ±12.51 days. The lactation length was higher in 3<SUP>rd</SUP> lactation and animal attained 106.60 ±3.49 lactation days whereas maximum kidding interval appeared in kidding 5 where animal had 277.30 ± 25.18 lactation days. In Kamori goat, the average birth of male single kids observed were 24%, whereas, female single births were 26.70%. The male twin births attained were 12%, whereas female twin births were 10%. However, male, female twin births appeared 16.60% and remaining 10.70% births were aborted/still births. It was concluded that Kamori goat is large breed, good milk producer, has rapid growth rate, and prolificacy rate is also higher in this breed.
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S. Bughio, A.A. Moriani, A.H. Mirani, F.C. Oad, B.A. Bughio
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Kamori goat, reproductive, traits
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Journal of Applied Sciences
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