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Relative Density of Porcupine (<I>Hystrix indica</I>) Population in Forest Plantation by Food Station Transect Method
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Relative density of Porcupine (<I>Hystrix indica</I>) was recorded in forest plantation near Lalian, Tehsil Chiniot, District Jhang from March 1990 through March 1991. The objective of the study was to correlate the relative density of Porcupine with the density of active porcupine burrow systems. Three transect lines having 10 food stations spaced 100 m apart were operated for four consecutive days during the months of March (1990), May (1990), July (1990), November (1990), January (1991) and March (1991). The index values calculated (average of the four days of operation) varied greatly from month to month. In transect line 1 visitation index varied from 18 to 53%, in transect line 2 from 10 to 58% and in transect line 3 from 23 to 60%. The monthly indices of all the three transect lines varied from 18 to 53%. The average distance recorded between the food stations of transect line 1 and live burrows of Porcupines was 340.70?60.10m and the similar averages for transect line 2 and transect line 3 were recorded i.e. 324?29.09 and 655.20?27.61 m, respectively. So far as the active porcupine burrows present in the forest plantation are concerned, in the March (1990) survey, 7 simple and 11 complex burrows, in November (1990), 6 simple and 12 complex and in March (1991), 6 simple and 13 complex burrows were recorded.
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Mian Muhammad Siddique, Mohammad Arshad
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relative density, porcupine, population, forest plantation, food station
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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
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