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Rain forests: surviving in the Amazon [book review]
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Sandler, Michael. Rain Forests: Surviving in the Amazon. Bearport Pub., 2006. ISBN 159716089X. $23.96. 32 p. Reviewer: Charity Reno Reading Level: Intermediate Rating: Outstanding Genre: Informational book; Adventure; Subject: Rain forests--Amazon River Region--Juvenile literature; Wilderness survival--Amazon River Region--Juvenile literature; Books--Reviews; Interesting facts about the Bolivian Amazon rain forest are interspersed with the true survival story of a man named Yossi. Yossi was lost in the rain forest for 3 weeks and encountered many dangers during his time there. Rain Forests includes factual information about the animals, climate, vegetation, and people of the Amazon, as well as a discussion about the need to protect the world's rainforests because they are quickly being depleted. Informative and interesting, though the content is somewhat choppy. The book jumps from Yossi's story to informational facts and back again to Yossi. It includes a glossary, index, table of contents, and bibliography. Rain Forests contains an important environmental message for kids, especially for American citizens who live in a highly consumerist society, which uses a majority of the earth's resources., Children's Book and Play Review, July 2006
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Reno, Charity;
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Sandler, Michael;
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Book review;, Informational books; Adventure stories;, Rain forests--Amazon River Region--Juvenile literature; Wilderness survival--Amazon River Region--Juvenile literature; Books--Reviews;
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Children's Book and Play Review; Scholarly Periodicals;
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Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University
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