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Radiological investigation of roach and perch from some lakes in Lithuania
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From the point of view of biological toxicity the most toxic radionuclides are man-made 90Sr and 137Cs because the behavoir of both of them is similar to stable calcium and potassium in the body. Fish is the last part of the hydrosystem chain which accumulates pollutants. The aim of this study was to analyse the distribution of these two radionuclides in the muscle and other organs of perch and roach that differ by age and living conditions. Measurements were performed for 137Cs and 90Sr activity concentrations in fishes from the lakes of Drūkšiai, Lūkstas and Dusia. Radioecological investigation was carried out for different age groups of roach and perch analysing samples of muscle and spine bones (including the head of fish). Radioecological investigation of fishes from the lakes of Drūkšiai, Lūkstas and Dusia show that the activity concentrations of 137Cs and 90Sr are low. Anyway, the accumulated radioactivity by food chain reaches the human body. Nowadays a lot of investigations are related to the lakes in the vicinity of Ignalina NPP. The investigation shows that the activity concentrations of 137Cs and 90Sr in fishes from the Drūkšiai lake are the same as in fishes from other lakes in other locations of Lithuania.
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Čepanko, Violeta
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Fishes, Radioisotopes, Fishes, Effect of water pollution on, Fishes, Toxicity, Žuvys, Radionuklidai, Žuvys, Toksiškumas, Žuvys, Vandens užteršimo poveikis
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