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Putting the consumer first a systematic review of the evidence of direct -to-consumer-advertising of prescription medicines
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Not very long ago the advertising of prescription medicines was directed exclusively at doctors and other healthcare professionals. However, in recent times, there is increasing evidence that consumers need and seek more information concerning their health and well-being. This study focuses on DTCA by pharmaceutical companies; a practice that is polemical as it operates at the nexus of population healthcare and ‘for profit’ enterprise, and is thus still severely restricted in developed and developing nations of the world. Whilst much has been written about this topic, the consumer is not often the focus of the debate. This paper takes that perspective, presents the findings of a systematic review of the evidence and succeeds in propelling the debate to new heights.
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Harker, Michael., Harker, Debra.
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Publisher :  Lindfield, NSW : Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management,     Type :  conference paper     Format :  application/pdf    
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Pharmaceutical policy, DTCA -- Medical Marketing -- Consumer needs -- Healthcare -- Advertising
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aCQUIRe [electronic resource] : Central Queensland University Institutional Repository., Proceedings of the 20th ANZAM Conference [electronic resource] : Management : pragmatism, philosophy, priorities / edited by Jessica Kennedy and Lee Di Milia. Rockhampton. : Central Queensland University, 2006. Refereed 1921047348
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harker consumrer first.pdf, Harker, M, & Harker, D 2006, 'Putting the consumer first: a systematic review of the evidence of direct-to-consumer-advertising of prescription medicines ', Proceedings of the 20th ANZAM (Australian New Zealand Academy of Management) Conference on "Management: Pragmatism, Philosophy, Priorities", 6-9 December 2006, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton.
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