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Predicting Properties of the Rat Somatosensory System by Sparse Coding
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Introduction Whiskers provide an important source of information to rats and other rodents [26]. Rats can, for example, distinguish surface properties (texture) purely on the basis of cues from their whiskers [7, 5]. They can furthermore use their whiskers to discriminate objects [4] based on their shape. As the rat explores its environment, its whiskers are moved over surfaces of various shape and texture. Neurons in the sensorimotor system thus need to transmit the relevant information to subsequent brain areas. The whisker deections caused by these stimulations dene the input to the rats somatosensory system. Although a large number of studies analyse the electrophysiological properties of the barrel cortex [1, 17, 18], the relevant features of its input that should be transmitted by neurons have remained unknown. Recent studies show a growing interest in the texture discrimination abilities of rats (for a review see [16]). Frequencies induced in the vibrissa hair are
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Verena Vanessa Hafner,Miriam Fend,Peter Konig,Konrad Paul Kording
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The Pennsylvania State University CiteSeer Archives
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Verena Vanessa Hafner,Miriam Fend,Peter Konig,Konrad Paul Kording Predicting Properties of the Rat Somatosensory System by Sparse Coding
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