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Portable social groups: willingness to communicate, interpersonal communication gratifications, and cell phone use among young adults
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This study looked at young adult cell phone usage patterns. Results of a survey of 182 students at a large southern university revealed that respondents typically used their phones an average of 10.5 hours per week – the overwhelming majority of that with traditional calling. Features and services that were regularly utilised related to interpersonal communication. Limited support was found for the hypothesis that cell phone use may be utilised to avoid communication apprehension events. Stronger support was found for the hypothesis that interpersonal communication motives are positively correlated with cell phone usage gratifications.
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Philip J. Auter
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Int. J. of Mobile Communications
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cell phones, mobile services, young adults, willingness to communicate, phone usage, mobile technology use, m-services, mobile communications, interpersonal communication, social groups, usage gratification, mobile phones.
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ISSN online: 1741-5217 ISSN print: 1470-949X
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IJMC (2007), Vol 5 Issue 2, pp 139 - 156
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Inderscience Copyright
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