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Population dynamics of brown shrimp (<i>Crangon crangon</i>) in the Belgian coastal waters: 2. Predation mortality
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The fish species, present in the Belgian coastal waters, are classified according to their abundance and according to their food preference for postlarval shrimp (<i>Crangon crangon</i>). The presumed importance of various fish species as predators of shrimp is deduced from classification. The abundance and biomass of the most important predators are estimated. The results of quantitative stomach analyses on these species lead to the calculation of their daily shrimp rations. The combination of the data on abundance and biomass of the predators with the data on their daily food uptake results into estimates of the yearly predation mortality of postlarval shrimp.
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Redant, F.
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Population dynamics, Crangon crangon (Linnaeus, 1758) [Brown shrimp], ANE, Belgium, Belgian Coast
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