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Piezo film sensor for capture of arterial wave pulse
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We propose to develop a blood pressure (BP) monitoring system which can be used for continuous ambulatory blood pressure measurement. The system will be used to measure blood pressure cycles for a person by recording a person’s blood pressure 24 hours a day for 7 days. Blood pressure cycles give an idea of a person’s chronobiological cycle. It has proved that if treatment is administered to a person at appropriate times based on the chronobiological cycle the treatment is more effective. A lot of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, retinopathy, and other major handicapping and fatal diseases can be cured effectively using this method. Presently available BP monitors are bulky, sensitive to motion and cannot be used for continuous monitoring. The proposed system is based on Chen, US Patent No. 6,599,251 which measures blood pressure non invasively using arterial pulse delay. The questions we plan to raised in this project are - what kind of sensors can be used to compute pulse delay, how can we get rid of the motion artifacts and how to make the sensors independent of position sensitivity. To answer these questions we conducted experiments on different sensor configurations and characterized the sensor using the data received. The experimental setup used two piezoelectric sensors that are placed on the wrist and mid arm. The signals from both the sensors are then compared to compute the arterial pulse delay. The sensor characterization results thus achieved are presented in this paper.
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Akhila Tadinada
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Piezoelectric sensor, Ambulatory blood pressure module
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