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Paranasal sinusitis in the aetiology of orbital cellulitis
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Aim: The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of paranasal sinusitis as a cause of orbital cellulitis and to identify the commonest sinus(es) involved in our setting. Methods: A retrospective review of the case notes of 47 patients with orbital cellulitis admitted into the ophthalmic ward of the University College Hospital, Ibadan within a ten-year period (1988-1987) was done. Results: Sinusitis 34.2%) was the most common cause of orbital cellulitis with the maxillary sinus being the most involved (38%). Patients in the second decade of life had the highest prevalence of 56%. More cases were seen during the dry season C November to February. Conclusion: Paranasal sinusitis is probably the most frequent cause of orbital cellulitis with the maxillary sinus being the most involved. Keywords: orbital cellulitis, paranasal sinusitis, Ibadan, Nigeria<BR><BR><i>Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology</i> Vol. 13 (1) 2005: 8-10
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Ubah, J; Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Teaching Hospital, Osogbo;, Nwaorgu, OGB; University College Hospital, Ibadan;, Ogunleye, O; University College Hospital, Ibadan;
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Publisher :  Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology Association of Crop Science, Uganda     Type :  Peer-Reviewed Article,     Format :  -    
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- , orbital cellulitis; paranasal sinusitis; Ibadan; Nigeria
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Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology - Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology; Vol. 13, No. 1 (2005)
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