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Ondelettes and phase cell cluster expansions, a vindication
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Y. Meyer has recently developed a particularly useful o.n. basis for L 2 ( R d ). Expansions using this basis, i.e. expansions into “ondelettes” or “wavelets,” have yielded important new results in soft and hard analysis. The expansion into ondelettes of a boson scalar field naturally leads to phase cell cluster expansions, a formalism already developed by the authors using other related bases. Adoption of ondelettes expansions into the phase cell program gives improvements of some extant results, and excises an early error., Peer Reviewed,
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Federbush, Paul G., Battle, Guy A.
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Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan, 48109, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, Department of Mathematics, Cornell University, 14850, Ithaca, NY, USA, Ann Arbor
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2006-09-11, 2006-09-11, 1987/09
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Mathematical and Computational Physics, Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Complex Systems, Chaos, Neural Networks, Quantum Computing, Information and Physics, Quantum Physics, Statistical Physics, Relativity and Cosmology, Physics, Mathematics, Science
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