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Oculomotor findings in premature children with periventricular leucomalacia at 18 months of corrected age
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The late visual prognosis in the premature is tied to the sequels of the ischemic phenomena in the first days of life, which determine the necrosis of the white substance in the dorsal and lateral zone to the external angles of the lateral ventricles (1). Objective: To describe oculomotor alterations in patients with PLM (periventricular leucomalacia). Materials and Methods: Ocular examination of 32 children with PVLM (oculomotor responses, refraction under cycloplegia and fundus examination by OBI). Results: The average birth weight was 1560 g. The average gestational age was of 29.5 weeks. Alterations of the optic nerve were found in 14 (8 hypoplasias, 2 increased excavations, 4 atrophies). Nystagmus was present in 6 cases, 5 of them associated with optic nerve pathology and one with blocking position. Ocular deviation in 21 esotropias, 16 exotropias, 3 and 2 deviations conjugated. Six surgical procedures in 5 patients: 3 esotropias, 2 exotropias and 1 nystagmus. Botulin Toxin Type A was applied to 5 patients. Conclusions: We suggest to continue the follow-up of the premature babies beyond the period of alertness of ROP, to approach the oculomotor disturbances in the context of the general picture, to check the current concepts of the treatment of the deviation.
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Galán, Maria Marta
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