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New Observation of Three Species of Sea Cucumbers from Chabahar Bay (Southeast Coasts of Iran)
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Three species of sea cucumber (2 species belong to genus <I>Holothuria </I>and one species of <I>Stichopus)</I> were collected on subtidal zone of Chabahar Bay in the late of 2007. The literature review on the distribution was revealed that this is the first report of <I>H. leucospilota, H. arenicula </I>and <I> S.variegatus</I> from Chabahar Bay (Sea of Oman). The species identification was done through morphological keys and review of their ossicles.<I> </I>This study is revealed the special characteristics of the presented species in order to just identification of them.
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A. Shakouri, T. Aminrad, M.B. Nabavi, P. Kochanian, A. Savari, A. Safahiye
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Holothuridea, stichopotidea, species identification, Chabahar Bay, Oman Sea
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Journal of Biological Sciences
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