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Myocardial fibrillar collagen network: response to ischemia
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Both myocardial extracellular matrix as a whole and the fibrillar collagen network can alter in response to environmental stimuli such as ischemia. The aim of the study was to evaluate changes of the fibrillar collagen network in chronic ischemic myocardium and in cases of its regional losses. The percentage volume, perimeter, number of fiber foci per field of the myocardial fibrillar collagen network were estimated employing the computerized Quantimet 520 image analysis system (Cambridge Instruments, United Kingdom) in 152 autopsied males who had died suddenly (within 6 h) of ischemic heart disease (IHD). The decedents were divided into three groups according to ischemic injury: (1) chronic ischemia – 71 males; (2) group of acute regional losses – 21 males; (3) group of formed myocardial scars – 60 males. Thirty-two males who had died within the same 6 hours following an accident served as controls. All parameters of fibrillar collagen in patients with chronic ischemia were significantly higher than those in the control group, indicating diffuse interstitial myocardial fibrosis. In patients with acute myocardial regional losses the percentage volume and the collagen-to-cardiomyocyte ratio of fibrillar collagen in the intact (remote from infarction) zone were the same as in patients with chronic ischemia alone, while the collagen fibers were found to be larger. In patients with formed scars, all fibrillar collagen parameters in the intact myocardial zone were significantly
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Pangonytė, D.
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Kolagenas, Miokardas, Išemija, Collagen, Myocardium, Ischemia
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