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Mycotoxin producents in the grain laye
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Micromycetes not only deteriorate the quality of grain, but also are potential producents of mycotoxins. The most reliable way not to contaminate grain with mycotoxins is to avoid their rise. Therefore, reducing the contamination of food products with mycotoxins, precautionary means pointed against mycotoxins are very important. Low moisture is the most significant element to reduce the vitality of mycotoxins. It is really important to choose a proper regime of drying and to desiccate grain before mould fungi have damaged it. The present research analysed the drying of wheat, malty and fodder barley in a mixed-flow grain dryer and in an active ventilation crop-bin. The influence of these drying technologies on the mycological contamination of grain was estimated.
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Zvicevičius, Egidijus
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Grūdai, Grūdai, Džiovinimas, Mikromicetai, Grain, Grain, Drying, Microfungi
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