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This doctoral dissertation has been accomplished during the period of 1995-2006 in the Department of Forestry at the Lithuanian University of Agriculture. In Lithuanian forests only one species of genus - small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata Mill.) – is natural. Study aim was to determine the distribution of lime stands in Lithuania, estimate their productivity and phenotypic variation. For the first time distribution of lime stands in different natural forest regions of Lithuania has been analysed. For the first time studies of the phenotypical diversity were conducted, phenotypical diversity in natural stands has been analysed. Phenological forms of small-leaved lime were singled out, their development differences were justified. Yield models for all lime stand sites and site productivity scale for lime stands were designed.For the first time data on the diversity of phenotypical traits and on the influence of environmental factors on phenotypical indices of lime trees were analysed in Lithuanian stands of natural origin. The data may be applied to estimate the possibilities of lime growth in different conditions, forecasting stand productivity. The data on phenotypic diversity may be important to preserve genetic diversity of naturally growing lime stands. For the first time the distribution of lime stands, their species composition in natural forest regions of Lithuania and in different sites were analysed. Yield models of modal stands and site productivity scales for lime
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Semaškienė, Loreta
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Stravinskienė, Vida, Kupčinskienė, Eugenija, Riepšas, Edvardas, Juodvalkis, Antanas, Skridaila, Audrius, Juknys, Romualdas
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phenotypical diversity, Tilia cordata Mill, mažalapė liepa, medynų produktyvumas, fenotipinė forma, modaliniai medynai, paplitimas, gamtinis miškų regionas, modal stands, phenotypical forms, augavietė, small-leaved lime, bonitetas, distribution, fenotipinis kintamumas
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