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Influence of ten rootstocks on cold hardiness of flowers of cherry cultivar 'Bigarreau burlat'
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After sudden amplitudes in air temperatures in the region of the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, during the winter of 2004–2005 (the daytime values on certain days in January reached +18°C, while those during the night in the first ten-day period of February were – 18°C) partial frost damages were reported in the flowers of differentiating buds on the spurs in 9-year-old trees of cherry cultivar ‘Bigarreau burlat’ grafted on 10 rootstocks. It was established that frost injuries were the most severe (68,6%) in the trees on Gisela 5, and the least severe (3.3%) in those on P 1 (seedling of P. mahaleb L.). In the rest of the trees (on Gisela 4, Gi-195/20, Weiroot 10, Weiroot 13, Weiroot 53, Weiroot 72 and Weiroot 158) they were between 14% and 44%. The trees on Gisela 5 have the greatest number of flower buds and flowers initiated per unit of length of the two-year-old wood, but nevertheless, their fruit-bearing in 2005 was the poorest due to frost damages.
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Lichev, Valentin
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Vyšnios, Skiepijimas (augalininkystė), Augalai, Atsparumas šalčiui, Žiedynai, Cherry, Grafting, Plants, Frost resistance, Inflorescences
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