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Influence of seed layer moduli on FEM based modulus backcalculation results
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2006: TRB 85th Annual Meeting, This paper presents recentupdates of DBALM (Dynamic Back Analysis for Layer Moduli) software whose solver is based on exi-symmetric FEM and was first developed in 1993. Examples of airfield pavement application are also presented. The results are compared with the results of our static backcalculation software BALM (Back Analysis for Layer Moduli) where the solver was developed using multilayer elastic theory. The difference between the results from the two methods is presented in this paper.
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Matsui, K, Hachiya, Y, Maina, JW, Kikuta, Y, Nagae, T
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2007-10-18, 2007-10-18, 2006-01
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Seed layer moduli, FEM based modulus, Pavement tests, Backcalculation software, TRB 85th Annual Meeting, 2006
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