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Improving the Nutritional Quality of Cowpea and Bambara Bean Flours for Use in Infant Feeding
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Ground cowpea [<I>Vigna unguiculata</I> (L.) walp] and Bambara bean [<I>Vigna subterranea</I> (L.) verde] were treated with 60% ethanol to eliminate anti-nutrients and improve their nutritional quality. Analytical results show that the resulting flour products had a yield of 81-82% and a protein content increase of 11.61 and 4.68% for cowpea and Bambara bean respectively compared to the untreated flours. Their fat content also increased by 10.74 and 15.24% in the same order, as well as their fibre content. <I>In vitro</I> protein digestibility studies showed an increase of 68.71 to 81.82% and 71.58 to 83.83% for alcohol-treated cowpea and Bambara bean flours, compared to the untreated flours, thus indicating the elimination of protease inhibitors. Likewise, gas chromatography of neutral sugars in the treated flour samples showed elimination of the major flatulence-causing sugars. Alcohol treatment caused loss of Fe and concentration of Ca and Zn. Semi-liquid gruels prepared from blends of the treated grain legume flours and fermented maize dough powder are adequate in energy and some nutrients to meet the requirements of 6-8-month-old infants, when fed three meals a day.
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Mune Mune Martin Alain, Mbome Lape l Israë, Minka Samuel Rene
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Bambara bean, cowpea, digestibility, energy density, flatulence, protease inhibitor
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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition
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