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The Impacts of Compensatory Growth on Food Intake, Growth Rate and Efficiency of Feed Utilization in Thai Pangas (<I>Pangasius hypophthalmus</I>)
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An eighteen weeks long experiment was conducted during the month of June to October, 2002 to observed the effect of different period of starvation and subsequent refeeding on growth, daily food demand and food conversion ratio of Thai pangs <I>Pangasius hypophthalmus</I>. Fish maintained in four treatments were either: fed to satiation twice a day (control-A), fed every alternate day (1:1-B), starved two days followed by spell of two days feeding (2:2-C) and starved for 5 days following 5-day feeding (5:5-D) at a sticking density of 100 fingerlings per decimal at 28±1.54°C. Thai pangas responded to a change from a restricted to satiation feeding showing a higher daily feed demand compared to their counterparts raised on a liberal feeding regime. The total feed demand of fish in controlled treatments was, however, much higher than the fish in the other three treatments. Nonetheless, fish that fed to satiation on alternate day (1:1) had similar body weights to the controls and were larger than those exposed to 2 or 5 days of feed deprivation (2:2 or 5:5). There was no significant difference in specific growth rate of fish in the treatments A and B over the experimental period. The highest FCR was found in treatment A (control) where fish were fed to satiation twice a day. The study provided evidence that Thai pangas would be cultured in feeding regime with feeding every alternate day without any significant difference in fish size and final production. As farmers have to give less feed in the system they can manage water quality in better way.
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A.K.M. Rohul Amin, M.A.J. Bapary, M.S. Islam, M. Shahjahan, M.A.R. Hossain
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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
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