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Godhanger [book review]
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King-Smith, Dick. Godhanger. Illustrated by Andrew Davidson. Crown, 1998. ISBN 0-514-80035-7. $18.99. 154 pp. A 4-6 FI Reviewed by Cinda Clement From three hundred yards above, Loftus the Raven introduces Godhanger Wood. As he circles to return to his cliff nest above the sea, Loftus hears a magpie’s warning call, followed by a gunshot blast. Thus begins this story of life in the forest a story of animal survival, interaction between species, and animals hunting each other for food. Into the forest comes a new bird: big, kind-hearted, and awe-inspiring. The other animals look to him for enlightenment and leadership. A mean-spirited human called the gameskeeper also resides in the woods. He roams the forest and carelessly kills whatever animals he can. The mysterious bird could be seen as a Christ figure, coming to Godhanger Wood to protect the animals and to teach them kindness and other “Christian” virtues. He dies in the end, protecting one of the animals from the gameskeeper’s bullet. This compelling, well-written story has detail and depth that put the reader’s mind into the minds of the animals in the story. The portrayal of the mysterious bird is somewhat weak because the animals in the forest must hunt and eat each other to live. It is unrealistic to expect them to change this way of life. And if they can’t make this change, then why the Christ figure? Except for this big flaw, the book is terrific! And it could be a base for a good discussion on animal and human potential for Christian behavior., Children's Book and Play Review, November / December 1999
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Clement, Cinda;
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King-Smith, Dick;, Davidson, Andrew;
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Book review;, Fiction; Fantasy fiction;, Books--Reviews; Christian life--Juvenile fiction; Animals--Juvenile fiction;
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Children's Book and Play Review; Scholarly Periodicals;
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Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University
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