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Immunmilk<sup>®</sup> Feeding Increases Growth and Immune Responses in Broiler Chicks
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A study was conducted to measure baseline immunocompetence of Arbor Acre broiler chicks after the birds were raised on hyperimmune bovine colostrum product ‘Immunmilk<sup>®</sup>` for first 7 d of age. Immunological parameters measured were <i>in vivo</i> and <i>in vitro</i> lymphoproliferation, macrophage functions which included phagocytosis, nitric oxide production and <i>E. coli</i> clearance from circulation; and antibody response against SRBC. In addition, body weights (BW) and lymphoid organ weights were also determined. Immunmilk<sup>®</sup>-treated chicks exhibited significantly higher BW at 7 (18.1% heavier) and 13 d (26% heavier) of age when compared with the chickens in control group. <i>In vitro</i> lymphoproliferative response of blood leukocytes to Concanavalin-A was increased (P = 0.0024) while <i>in vivo</i> lymphoproliferation to Phytohemagglutinin-P was down-regulated (P ≤ 0.01) in Immunmilk<sup>®</sup>-treated group. Macrophage phagocytic potential against SRBC was significantly higher and nitric oxide production was reduced in macrophages from Immunmilk<sup>®</sup> treated chicks. Systemic <i>E. coli</i> clearance after i.v. challenge was much more rapid in Immunmilk<sup>®</sup>-treated chicks. Immunmilk<sup>®</sup> treatment also increased total and IgM anti-SRBC antibody levels (P ≤ 0.05) during secondary antibody response. The results of this study showed that Immunmilk<sup>®</sup> increased growth as well as immune performance of chickens as measured by humoral (antibody) response, mononuclear phagocytic system function as well as lymphoproliferation. However, inflammatory processes such as <i>in vivo</i> mitogen-induced T-lymphocyte proliferation and LPS-mediated nitric oxide production by macrophages were down regulated.
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M.A. Qureshi, R. Ali, M.A. Cheema, Z. Ahmed, H. Roth
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Immunmilk?, colostrum, immune responses, chickens
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International Journal of Poultry Science
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