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Feasibility Study and Conception of an Intelligent GSM Cell Phone Silencer
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The European regulatory authorities are about to change the laws that deal with the proscription of cell phone silencers, towards the acceptance of intelligent systems. This technical report describes a cell phone silencer concept based on the idea of changing the access control parameters on the channel BCCH and develops other intelligent methods, also based on changing parameters on the common downlink channels. Intelligent in the way that they hamper people from using their cellular phones in places where this is not desired, but let past emergency calls and calls originating from privileged phones. Also developed is a method that gives the network provider the control over all silencers within its network. This is done by smoothly integrating it in the Radio Resource Layer in a way that does not irritate other GSM devices, not taking advantage of this feature. The overall system can be applied to any regular cell phone.
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Gorce, Jean-Marie, Kléber, Anja, Valois, Fabrice
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