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Experimental Studies on Fuild Replacement in Puppies : With Special Reference to Central Venous Pressure
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In puppies weighing 500 to 1,500 grams, 50 ml./kg. saline was rapidly infused and the following results were obtaied. (1) With the use of the same amount of fluid per unit body weight, the rate of elevation of central venous pressure was higher in smaller puppies. (2) With the infusion of 50 ml./kg. saline, a transient rise of central venous pressure was found in puppies weighing above 1 kg. Double amount of fluid caused cardiac failure. (3) In dehydrated dogs, changes in central venous pressure after infusion of initial dose of saline were similar to of six died due to cardiac failure. (4) It was revealed that pulmonary arterial pressure rose more than twice as much as central venous pressure. (5) Administration of isoproterenol caused a moderate rise of pulmonary arterial pressure after saline infusion. (6) Administration of phenoxybenzamine depressed an increase in pulmonary arterial pressure following fluid infusion.
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