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Examining the Effects of Deer Antler Velvet Supplementation On Muscular Strength, Performance, and Markers of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
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Purpose: To examine the effects of deer antler velvet on muscular strength, performance, and markers of delayed onset muscle soreness following a 10-week resistance training period. Participants: 16 resistance-trained males (18-35) volunteered. Measures: DEXA, 1-RM, a power test, and a 70% performance trial were measured. Creatine kinase and self-reported soreness levels were measured following an eccentric trial Results: No pre-experimental significant differences existed between the groups for any of the variables measured. There were no significant differences between the groups regarding body composition, strength, muscular performance, or improvements in creatine kinase and soreness levels from pre to post-intervention. Both groups demonstrated significant (p<0.05) increases in creatine kinase and soreness levels immediately post-exercise and 48 hours following the eccentric trial at the 0 and 10-week measurement periods. Conclusions: Deer antler velvet does not improve muscle size, strength, or performance. Nor does it reduce markers of DOMS following a 10-week supplementation period.
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Percival, Robyn Suzanne
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Physical Education
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