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Erectile Dysfunction in 101 Consecutive Hypertensive Patients and 86 Normotensive Controls
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In a 6 month prospective questionnaire study of 101 consecutive newly referred hypertensive patients and 86 normotensive volunteers, the relationship of erectile dysfunction and hypertension in these patients was studied using a modified international index of erectile function (IIEF). The mean age of the hypertensive subjects was 56.2±45 years and controls were 43.5±11.8 years. The erectile function score of the hypertensive group was significantly different from the normotensive control. (17.51±5.92 vs. 20.56±2.61). P< 0.05. 63 patients (62%) of the hypertensive subjects had varying levels of erectile dysfunction as compared to 38 (44%) of the control group. 39 (38.6%) of subjects had mild erectile dysfunction as compared to 36(41.8%) of the control group. 12 (11%) of the hypertensive subjects had moderate erectile dysfunction as compared to 2(0.2%) of the control group. 12 (11%) of the hypertensive subjects had severe erectile dysfunction as compared to none in the control group. There was a significant difference in the number of subjects in the hypertensive group who had erectile dysfunction compared to the normotensive subjects. Erectile dysfunction appeared to be influenced by subject's age and duration of hypertension. This study clearly suggests that erectile dysfunction is commoner in the hypertensive population than the control group. The cause of this may be multifactorial and a national study is needed to fully define the extent of this problem in Nigeria. Key Words: Erectile dysfunction, hypertensive patients Nigerian Medical Practitioner Vol. 45 No 6, 2004 (98-101)
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Oke, DA; Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria;, Mbakwem, AC; Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria;
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- , Erectile dysfunction; hypertensive patients
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Nigerian Medical Practitioner - Nigerian Medical Practitioner; Vol. 45, No. 6 (2004)
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