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Empirical survey of the application of commercial-graded Lithium Polymer batteries in military systems in conjunction with solar panels and fuel cells
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Battery Power 2008, Dallas, Texas, 11-12 November 2008, This paper presents the results of an empirical survey into the comparative characteristics of commercial NiCd, Lithium-ion and Lithium Polymer batteries when applied in a range of man portable military radios. The focus is on when the expected load currents varies significantly across the battery¿s cycle. The study also considers the use of solar panels and fuel cells for in-field battery replenishment. Limited environmental (temperature) stress screening was performed. Several pros and cons will be discussed, but in general the commercial product stood up well in the warmer climates and (being commercial products) with a good cost to performance ratio
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Roux, A, Giesler, A, De Villiers, D
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2009-02-19, 2009-02-19, 2008-11
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Lithium Polymer batteries, Li-ion batteries, NiCd batteries, Military application, Battery capacity, Battery internal resistance, Environmental stress tests
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