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Effects of systemic hypertension on arterial dynamics and left ventricular compliance in patient >= 70 years of age
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In 22 elderly normotensive and 22 elderly untreated essential hypertensive subjects, we measured left ventricular mass, diastolic compliance, and carotid artery wall thickness and stiffness by ultrasonographic techniques. The results show that in the elderly, the presence of high blood pressure enhances the cardiovascular functional and structural alterations., Pierini, A; Bertinieri, G; Pagnozzi, G; Randazzo, M; Gazzano, G; Rossi, S; Grassi, G; Mancia, G, 8
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2009-02-06, 2009-02-06, 2000-10-15
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Hypertension in elderly; Carotid artery; left ventricular hypertrophy.
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<The >American journal of cardiology, 86, 8, 882, 886, 0002-9149
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