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Effects of Ginger on the Improvement of Asthma [The Evaluation of Its` Treatmental Effects]
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High prevalence of asthma require more attention and effective therapies since the current therapeutic approaches have high side effects nowadays new therapies like homeopathy and herbal drugs are more delighted. The study was performed on 92 patients with pure Asthma. The patients were similar concerning the age, wheezing, weekly use of spray and the drug weed. At the beginning, spirometry was done for all the patients. Then of the 1-month the patients were divided into two groups. The first group was given ginger (150 mg) every 8 hours whereas the second group received placebo. After 2 months the patients were tested for spirometry and changes on FEV1, FVC, FEF25-75, stage and clinical symptoms. In the patients (test) group which received ginger with their drugs, 19.5% showed wheezing relief and 52% showed chest tightness relief. Dyspnea was not completely disappeared in the patients. In 8.7% of the patients` higher stage to lower stage change was observed. Also the mean nocturnal coughs (3.87 to 2.6 times), the mean spray usage (6.34 to 5.04 times weekly) and the mean dyspneic attacks (3.41 to 2.41 weekly) showed clear reduction (P< 0.05). After treatment the test and control groups were analyzed. Dyspnea was 80.4% in test group and 95.6% in control group, wheezing was 78.3% in test group and 100% in control group and chest tightness was 26.1% in test group an 89.1% in control group (P< 0.05). Concerning the stage them was no clear difference between the two groups (p N.S.). After treatment, the coughing attacks in the control group was 3.21 / week and in the test group was 2.61 / week. Also the mean dyspneic attach 100 the control group was 1.89 / week and in the test group was 1.32 / week (P< 0.05). The mean FEV1, FVC and FEF25-75 in the test and control groups were not meaningful statistically (p N.S.). Therefore although the ginger dose and in out study was ? it`s the therapeutic dose (1-4 gr) the ginger showed effective in reducing the asthmatic symptoms but not effective in changing the stage of the disease and spirometry findings.
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Hamid Rouhi, Forouzan Ganji, Hamid Nasri
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Asthma, ginger, cough, spirometry
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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition
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