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Effect of molecular aggregation by thermal treatment on photovoltaic properties of MEH-PPV: Fullerene-based solar cells
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Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells Vol.93 Nr.2, 289 - 294, The effect of a thermal annealing treatment at various temperature on the performance of bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells based on poly [2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethyl-hexyloxy)-p-phenylene vinylene] (MEH-PPV) and buckminsterfullerene (C60) composites was investigated. With the temperature increased, three stages were observed: from 60 °C to 120 °C, the photovoltaic performance of the composite devices became better with the rising temperature; from 120 °C to 180°C, the photovoltaic performance decreased to a minimum; but, at about 200 °C, a sharp rise occurred, followed by a gradual decline. The obvious red-shift of the photoluminescence (PL) spectra and the new PL peak and shoulder at about 620 nm and 660 nm respectively indicated the formation of molecular aggregation and the lengthened and ordered conjugated segments. It was suggested that the crystallization of C60 after thermal annealing at 200 °C which matched the nano-sized ordered domains of MEH-PPV leaded to a sharp enhancement in photovoltaic performance.
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Jin, Hui, Hou, Yanbing, Teng, Feng, Kopola, Pälvi, Tuomikoski, Markus, Maaninen, Arto
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Photovoltaic, polymer, thermal annealing, molecular aggregation
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